I was walking…with my baby…

Aidan is walking!!! Since yesterday he has been trying really hard to do it all on his own and he’s accomplished this feat! He can now walk for long time periods on his own. Today he walked from the front of the TV all the way into the kitchen. This is about a 20 foot walk!!!!

I’m so proud. I knew this day was coming soon! And he doesn’t want to stop!

He’s had a really good day today.

I have so much that I am planning for this week, the big event being Aidan’s first birthday. We’re going to have it at Robin and Johnny’s house and she’s going to help me host it. We may even play games or something. I don’t know.

Speaking of Aidan, he’s walking like a madman. Everytime I put him down, he no longer tries to just sit, he will stand and then walk away from me. He’s doing so great!! Today he ate everything on his menu, so I’m hoping that he may actually sleep through the night. When he’s eaten weel before, that’s when he slept through the night. Last night he awoke at 3amcrying and I didn’t hear him. Mike got him and I never knew it until I woke up with him at 5:15am. That’s scary to me.


8 thoughts on “I was walking…with my baby…

  1. Oh there’s no stopping him now! Walking may tire him out so that he sleeps better too! Lydia is nonstop until nap time/bedtime. Next thing you know, he’ll be running! YAY!

  2. Oh I know….I was thinking about that this morning. I mostly need to invest in cabinet door locks because that’s what he likes to get into most. And he likes to rearrange picture frames. Last week he pushed one off into the floor and broke the glass. 😦

    They are divorced, but they are back together.

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