Sample Menu for a One Year Old

I was in search of a sample menu for Aidan since he’s now one and his previous menu “no longer applies.” It could – I could just increase the amount, but it’s not fitting. His weight has been steady for a couple of months now and he’s starting to drop as far as the average. He’s always been around 80-90th percentile for his age, but he’s now around 70%.

I want him to gain weight since he’s above average in height. (By 2 inches!!)

Plus, he hasn’t slept well since he’s been 9 months and that’s when I changed his diet. I think he needs more sustenance!

So, with that, I came across this blog that had a menu on it, so I’m stealing it. πŸ™‚

Β Sample One-Day Menu for a One-Year Old

Taken from the AAP “Caring for Your Baby and Young Child Birth to Age 5”

This menu is planned for a one-year-old child who weighs approximately 21 pounds.

1 teaspoon = 1/3 tablespoon (5 ml)
1 tablespoon = 1/2 ounce (15 ml)
1 cup = 8 ounces (240 ml)
1 oz = 30 ml

1/2 cup iron-fortified breakfast cereal or 1 cooked egg (not more than 3 eggs per week)
1/4 cup whole milk (with cereal)
4-6 oz. juice
Add to cereal one of the following:
1/2 banana, sliced
2-3 large sliced strawberries

1 slice toast or whole wheat muffin
1-2 tablespoons cream cheese or peanut butter
1 cup whole milk

1/2 sandwich – tuna, egg salad, peanut butter, or cold cuts
1/2 cup cooked green vegetables

1-2 ounces cubed cheese, or 2-3 tablespoons pitted and diced dates
1 cup whole milk

2-3 ounces cooked meat, ground or diced
1/2 cup cooked yellow or orange vegetables
1/2 cup pasta, rice, or potato
1/2 cup whole milk


55 thoughts on “Sample Menu for a One Year Old

  1. Sounds good. Tiff has always played it by ear depending on what she could Zaiden to consume…luckily, he loves food and has maintained a normal weight. (yeaaahhh-she kept him away from sweets aside from fruit, aside from an occasional popsicle!)

    Watch out for the yellow/orange veggies since the sweet potatoes bother him…maybe some squash??

  2. Thanks for the menu. I am going to try this with my (almost) 1 year old boy. He loves to eat and everything on here seems practical and easy to prepare.

    • This is my first daughter and I’m more nervous than she. I thought this menu was a great guide. But, my daughter’s pediatrician said she needs 16 oz of milk, 16 oz of juice and 16 oz of water daily. She also said substitute the water with milk or juice if she rejects it but continue to offer water. Is this consistent with what you’ve been told?

      Also, I’m thinking she’ll get some natural juices by eating fruit.

      • Yeah, that sounds more like what I’ve been hearing lately from other mothers. I honestly don’t see why a lot of milk is a bad idea. The juice, I’d rather keep in moderation. Just make sure it’s 100% juice. A lot of times I mixed the juice with water, like a 60/40 ratio. As he got older I’d decrease the amount of water in it. Just so he was getting water as well.

    • hey my daughter savanna is lactose intolerant and allergic to dairy.. I am having a hard time finding her a variety that she likes that wont hurt her.. Any suggestions? Her doctor just says to experiment with different things but that seems like a risk to me since she already has a very sensitive tummy.

  3. i thought peanut butter was not allowed at 1 year…was i wrong- because i will feed my son anything at this point to get him to eat…

  4. My children’s doctor said that my twin girls age 13 month could eat anything I eat even if I wanted to feed them curry!

  5. I like this menu and will try it with my daughter who is very tiny both height and weight, although proportional in both categories. One concern I have about the menu…my doctor said my daughter only needs 16oz of milk a day. This menu has nearly 24oz (including in the breakfast cereal). Also about the fruits, the food pyramids I have seen recommend three or four servings of fruit a day. Thanks again. I hope I don’t seem too critical, just wanted to share. πŸ™‚

  6. No, no, no!!! That’s why my blog is here: I’m always open for suggestions, etc.

    This menu came from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and if you notice in little writing at the top it is for up to age 5. So you could take away some milk if you want to. The breakfast milk is either in a cup OR in cereal, not both.

    The fruit juices are inlcuded in the fruit count, so it should add up to be around 3-4.

    I followed this diet very closely and my son has been very healthy and easily lost his baby fat. He’s now tall and lean.

  7. hi..can the 1 year old baby eat a sandwich i.e will they be able to eat the bread,fillet together at once? I am afraid it wont fit in their mouth…:)

  8. Hi, I came across this trying to find more ideas. I was going to suggest some things. I have a 15 month old and I was going to leave some past things we introduced to her we she turned a year.

    Whole wheat pasta. I buy the pinwheels so they are easy to pick up. I put a little bit of the horizon organic butter on there. Babies love butter and they love it when they can feed themselves at that age.

    Grilled cheese or grilled ham/turkey and cheese. Just the kraft slices and wheat bread. I find that if I don’t grill it, it’s easy for her to pick it apart and play with her food.

    Cheese dogs. Slice them really good so they don’t choke.

    Blue corn tortilla chips. I don’t know if it’s the color, but she goes for them.

    Sweet potatoes. Steam/cook them and put a little honey.

    Mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli/carrots, green beans, sweet peas. She also likes to teethe on celery sticks, and I’m still introducing avocado slices.

    Blueberries (she loves these), honeydew, strawberries, grapes (cut in half), bananas, yobaby yogurt

    For snacks, I give her kix, cheerios, goldfish, teddy grahams, naturals cheetos white cheddar (white cheddar will not stain their clothes and make such a mess like the others), nutri-grain bars, or just a bowl of blueberries.

    Breakfast, she loves the toaster strudels but I try not to give them very often, frozen waffles, yobaby yogurt, fruit, kix with a little milk, or a bowl mixed with nutri-grain bars and cheerios.

    Dinner, grilled chicken, buttered pasta, spaghetti, pizza, recently i discovered she likes a soft taco. I have no guidelines and usually just cut up what we are eating to try new things.

    I give her plain milk in the morning and before night time, and choc milk during the day… apple juice, green tea, anything really (i swore i was only going to do water, but it hasn’t happened yet)

    hope this helps…

  9. Thank you!! This has been very helpful to me. My daughter (our first) just turned one, and this has been extremely helpful. Thanks!

  10. This menu looks interesting. My one year old- one year old and nine days πŸ™‚ is a very pciky eater and is a very active skinny lil one (like mom and dad)- so I was desperately looking for food pyramids and daily menus. Thanks for the wonderful ideas on your one day.. I can’t wait to add these foods to the weekly menu i am creating.

  11. I just came from my 1 year old’s dr appt. My pediatrician said juice is the junk food for babies. Stick with milk for meals and water during snacks. She also said no peanut butter yet.

  12. I am careful when selecting juice and only buy 100% real juice and not the stuff that’s just sugar. And I also serve it in moderation.

    I didn’t actually give my son peanut butter until he was at least 2 years old and that was a small lick from a spoon. He didn’t get PB&J until he was 3.

    It’s too much of a choking risk.

  13. My son just turned 1 in July and I am sooo lost with how much milk to give him a day and what times and how to incorporate his food and milk feeding into what times! I was giving him an 8oz bottle of formula at around 7am-food to follow, then another 8 oz at around 12ish-food to follow, dinner-food at 5pm and then another 8 oz bottle of formula at 7PM. But now that he is having whole milk (which I’m diluting with formula because I am lactose intol and his doc wants me to make sure he isn’t going to be) it seems he is getting fuller faster and doesn’t really want to eat his food (or much of it). He is slightly under weight so the doc is having me feed him more calories (or food with more calories). So anyway, I’m not sure how to spread things out! Let me know if you need more info! Thank you!

    • I have 2 13 month old girls. My pediatrician said they should still be getting 24oz of whole milk a day and to give them butter with their foods to give them a little extra fat. They’re actually still on mostly 3rd stage foods, but love any REAL food they get their hands on. I’m not giving them peanut butter or honey yet, cuz the Dr says “no”. They like cantelope but aren’t much in to many other fresh fruits. They r sooo picky. My one daughter seems to have trouble with food with too much texture as she hasn’t gotten all 4 bottom teeth yet, but my other daughter doesn’t really care too much what it is, she’ll eat it. I’ve been looking for a good diet plan for them for a while and seem to incorporate alot from more than just one plan because if you read alot of them are very different. They get cereal in the morning and an 8 oz bottle. For lunch they get veggies & fruit, for snacks they love cheerios, kix and nibbler cookies cuz they are still teething(its been a long 6 months of teething) and for dinner they get another serving of whole grain cereal with an 8oz bottle. Its working for them and they are gaining weight appropriately considering they were 4 weeks premature. I kinda give them a little bit less than what a 40 week baby would have because they’ve both had tummy/digestion issues. I think it really depends on the baby and how they’ve reacted so far to diet changes. If anyone has any other suggestions for me plz let me know. I don’t give them much juice cuz it goes right thru them and seems to give them diarhea alot.

  14. That sounds like a lot of milk! I would cut back on the milk and give him more calories in food. The whole milk will help fatten him up at the same time, even if you give him less than he was getting.
    I would talk to you doctor about how he seems to be getting full faster, but that would be what I’d try. Maybe 1/2 that in the morning, 8 oz for lunch then 4 oz at dinner.

  15. Thanks for the suggestions! I have been looking around for some new healthy ideas for my 13 month old son.

    His pediatrician also said no more than 24 oz of milk a day. My son loves loves LOVES milk and I found it hard to get him to drink enough water each day. So to help him out I started mixing his milk with water, now he gets 2 oz milk + 4 oz water in each cup after meals and no where near the 24 oz he used to try to drink. I haven’t introduced juice yet… still don’t think I’m going to for as long as possible.

    About the peanut butter— the main reason doctors strongly suggest parents to stay away from it is because it is on the list of the top 8 food allergies. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents to wait until they are 3 yrs old. They even suggest to stay away from it in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and while nursing. The peanut allergy is actually a very very serious thing, LIFELONG & potentially deadly.. so I felt the need to pass the info along.

    Thanks again for the great ideas on meals!

  16. This is an excellent sample guide, thanks!

    Oddly, I’m living in the UK and the doctors/health visitors/midwives have told me that as my son is over a year old he doesn’t need to drink milk as long as he gets enough dairy in his diet….


    • That sounds logical! As long as he is getting enough of some kind of dairy, he should be getting the potassium/calcium/vitamins he needs from that area of his diet.

      But if you have a child like mine and he LOVES milk, it’s hard to keep it away from him. πŸ™‚

  17. I live in northern ireland and my health visitor said a pint of whole milk a day including daily prodcuts and what is used for cooking is recommended. My wee boy is 19months and he doesnt eat much fruit but he drinks orange juice and loves banana’s but he takes the tubs of puree fruits. I’m trying to introduce more fruits like kiwi stawberries & blueberries etc. He loves vegatables.

  18. I was getting worried my 12 month old was under weight then i came across this page….

    Aaron turned one a couple of days ago, and he weighs 21lbs and in length he is 74cm..

  19. Hi,
    I wanted to know is all the food items given for each session should be consumed or is it like either or , for example during snacks should i give 1 cup whole milk plus other snacks like cheese,toast etc.. or it is like one day milk and the other day cheese and so on .. i wanted to know is it the same for other feeding items as well

  20. Yes, all of the food is what should be consumed unless it says “or” on the menu then the item can be a substitute. I followed this menu very closely and my child was very healthy.

    To this day he would rather eat a bowl of yogurt than ice cream or any other sweets. Chocolate repulses him πŸ™‚

    Aidan is 4 years old now, so this menu may be different from menus that professionals may be posting nowadays.

    Fiona 21lbs sounds like a healthy size!

  21. thank you for this menu. it was really helpfull my son is 14 months and he recently started to be picky about his food, so am trying to mix it a little bit.
    im not that sure about the peanut butter yet, maybe in the next couple of months πŸ™‚

  22. I have 11 month old twins. My son is 25lbs my daughter 23lbs. I’m very overwhellmed with food choices. My daughter is not a fan of textures so its hard to get her to eat table foods. This menu seems pretty easy to follow.

  23. Here is a great meal for breakfast:
    -2 slices of toast without the crust cut into bite size cubes (sit aside)
    In a bowl:
    -1 egg
    – 1/4 cup of milk
    -pinch of cinnamon
    -pinch of salt
    -pinch of nutmeg
    -tbls of honey

    wisk together. When mixed drop in toast and mix until all is absorbed into the bread.
    then add some pam or butter on the pan and cook till golden
    add sliced fruit of choice on top

  24. Honey is not safe for babies and peanut butter is a big choking risk for kids. The recommendation from my pediatrician is no more than 4 ounces of juice a day as it is mostly sugar even if 100% juice. Look on the label. There is no nutrition in juice other than maybe vitamin c. Not at all the same as a piece of fruit! And, if you still decide to give them juice, to save teeth it should be diluted 50/50. Also, babies chew their food with their jaw, not their teeth so there is no reason they can’t eat table food before they get their teeth. A good book to read is “Baby led weaning”. It eliminates most feeding problems naturally and allows children to eat what their bodies tell them they need-the best way to meet their needs!!

    • This menu is for one year olds and up and the amounts for those items are very small amounts – at your discretion.

      I did dilute my son’s juice 50/50 until he was over 2.

      A new suggestion I have is for applesauce. Walmart sells one called All Natural (not Original) in their brand that tastes so much better and is…all natural.

      It’s always best to use your judgement, take suggestions and feed your child foods at your own discretion and according to how your child responds to them.

      And remember, this menu is 4 years old. πŸ˜‰

  25. This is a good example of a good diet for a young child…Iv been pretty much doing similar anyway as most of it seems to me like common sense, but the amount of people that don’t know whats healthy and whats not is crazy, so hopefully if somebody is struggling they will come across this :). Also, one thing I will say is that fruit juice will only count as one portion a day, no matter how much you have or how many varieties (and its terrible for teeth) so maybe just blend a couple of pieces of fruit and feed to child rather than all the juice.

  26. hi ive got a really fussy 1 year old he wont eat anythink unless its got a bit of yogurt on it, he used to love his baby food, and was doin really well weaning untill he had a sickness bug no all he will eat is yogurt or soft food covered in yogurt. he will eat finger food aslong as its hard/rough like toast or bsicuits but if its soft/slimmy like apples cheese he wont even think about it. as u can imagine meal times are a nightmare. my daughter had no problems weaning so im a bit stumped any help or suggestins would be greatfull appreciated
    please help
    kim xxx

    • It’s a texture thing and that will just take time to get over. My son – now 5 – has become a very picky eater again and there is no convincing him otherwise.

  27. I love this, my only issue is with milk my son won’t drink it cows or soy I am nervous he isn’t getting enough dairy from the cheese and yogurts I give. He was a soy based formula baby, milk was not kind to him, so he no longer drinks formula but won’t take dairy in liquids …any suggestions?

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