Over the past two days I’ve had nearly 50 views just on my post about a menu for a one year old!! You people should show your faces!! Leave a comment! 😉

Aidan has been walking up a storm and playing peek-a-boo! That’s his newest favorite thing!! I returned to work full-time (and then some) and I’m hating the extra time away from my boy.

I really haven’t had much else to say about him. Everything is going smoothly. Last week he had his shots and now he has a runny nose. He visited the urologist about his hypospadias repair surgery. It was his follow-up afterwards. We found out he’s going to have to have the surgery again, just not as extensively. The wounds were reopened/didn’t stay together.

I’m really sad about this for two resons: I don’t want him to experience that pain again and I don’t want another huge ass doctor bill on it.

My hubby’s insurance is no longer so he’ll be covered under mine, and if there’s another deductible, then we’ll have to pay it since the insurance is new. It’s the same (Cariten), just different policies. I’m thinking that as long as it’s done at a Covenant Health facility (who I work for), then there is no deductible. But that could just be for me since I’m the employee.

I don’t really want to know, but it’s better to be prepared. It has to be done in 6 months.


5 thoughts on “WOW!!

  1. Hi my name is Sarah, and my youngest son also has hypospadias and he will have the surgery this summer. I was wondering how it went. We are suppose to do an in and out in one day. And how was the recovery process? Please let me know, I am worried about it. I havent seen yet how old your son is mine are 5 and 4mos.

  2. Hey Sarah!! Glad you found your way here because I love to be of help!!

    Aidan is now 14 months old. He had the surgery January 4th of this year. The recovery process was horrible and it was about a month before he was back to “normal.” The first few days were awful because he was so uncomfortable and in so much pain. We had to hold him practically the first two days.

    It was an in and out surgery: it took about 2 hours. As long as we stayed on top of his pain medicine, he was OK. It made him very dizzy, though.

    He wound up not healing properly and is still peeing through the old/wrong hole. We have a check-up next month and then he’ll be having another surgery the following month.

    I hope this helps!! If you have anymore questions, please ask away!

  3. I was hoping that you were gonna say it was better than that. doesn’t sound like fun at all. He just got over having croup and he was a real tropper about it. He went in the hospital for it and was smiling and having a good time with it. We are having his surgery at Vanderbilt. We went to see the doctor last month took 5 mins. He also has a hydrocele (fluid around the testicles) they will fix it also if it is still there by then, It seems to be getting better. Thanks for your help and please let me know about his next surgery. I do enjoy your blog and I will keep checking back if you would like to see mine it is….… Thanks

  4. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be….The worst part was whenever he’d pee, he’d cry. It was all pretty much over with a month later.

    I hope your son does really well….sounds like he’s a trooper!!

    Thanks for sticking around!; I’ll definitely be checking your’s out.

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