Sleepless in Cleveland.

No more!! Since last week…exactly a week ago tonight, Aidan has been sleeping through the night!! He has been going to bed around 10:30pm and doesn’t wake up until about 8:30am. Let me tell you how nice it has been to get more continuous rest. I have felt better emotionally and physically.

It’s especially appreciated during all of these changes that our little family is incurring. Aidan now has equal time with his mommy and daddy. We both get 3 1/2 days a week with him.  It doesn’t seem like Iget so much less tme with him as I thought. Besides, a longer break is nice. I think I’ve needed it. I know in a few more weeks when I’m feeling well rested that I’ll be wanting all of my time back with him. I can’t wait until I can be a stay-at-home mom.

Mike and I have been talking about when to have our next child. He wants to have one now…or very soon if we do. I need a little more time to sit on it and think. My baby clock has been ticking a lot lately and I would love to have another so Aidan can have a playmate. That, and because babies are just so sweet!

Mike is worried about his kids feeling like he’s abandoned them. I think they’re to the point that they already feel like this in a way just because they’re so much older and they’re in that “all about me teenage mode.” We hardly ever see Alex anymore and Dameion has been changing his day to Sunday because he spends a lot of time with friends. He didn’t even call or come over this past weekend. I’m sure Mike is hurt by this to a degree, but if the kids want to be more social, I think it’s good and he does, too. They are almost grown. I don’t want to not have kids, though, because their feelings might be hurt. I know one day they’ll understand.

We are an awkward family, but a loving family nonetheless.


12 thoughts on “Sleepless in Cleveland.

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about Alex-Dameion always seemed to be the more sensitive of the two anyway. And yeah, they’re teenagers-more concerned with socializing and friends anyway. Mike has always been there when Elwana wasn’t-we’ve probably been there more than she has! Kids don’t forget things like that, whether another baby comes along or not. I think as long Dameion gets some special time with Mike occasionally, everything will be fine with him.

    I’m amazed that his grandparents let him go anywhere with friends! It took nearly 3 years to get them to let him spend the night with us for the first time-guess he was 8 then…damn…they start high school this year don’t they???

  2. Yeah!! Can you believe it?!?!

    Yeah, they’ve been letting him stay the night with us a ton lately…practically whenever we ask. Last year he probably stayed the night with us half the time he came over. He’s even stayed entire weekends. Now he stays with his friends every weekend, usually.

    I just wonder what she’d think if she knew he calls me mom. She probably wouldn’t care.

  3. Wow…makes me feel old! My brother will be a junior at BCHS next year.

    I’m sure he doesn’t call Tony(or whoever Elwana’s bf of the moment is) dad!

  4. Yeah….It’s amazing how much they’ve grown since I’ve known them!! I got to experience their growth spurts and that comes before you know it!!!

    Yeah, I doubt it!

    I feel old when my kids at work tell me when they were born (which is that same time as Alex and Dameion)….I think about it and when it’s 1993 I think, “Damn, I graduated 3 years later!”

    And when they have no idea who Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue are!!! Of course, I play it for them! They must have a good dose of rock n’ roll while in treatment!

  5. I’ve found some pics to send you, just haven’t gotten to Eric’s mom’s computer to scan them.

    One good thing about Eric having a 22 year old son who already has two kids-I don’t have to worry too much about how Shane feels! He’s got his own life/kids to deal with-Landon will be older than his future aunt/uncle! lol They’ve got a good relationship too, as far as fathers/sons go, since Eric and his ex-wife raised Shane cause his mom was such a deadbeat…sounds familiar huh? 🙂

  6. Very familiar!!

    I’m excited about the pics!! I can’t wait to see them! I just found some of Dameion and Alex at xmas time with your antique furniture and the blue couches with maroon designs. I can see some of your framed pics in the background!

  7. I’d say go ahead and try for another baby… My mother in law had her first two kids only 11 months apart, so I think you’ll be fine. I definitely want another one soon. But I don’t know if it’s because I actually want to ahve my babies that close together or if it’s because I know when I’m done growing the next kid, my husband buys me boobs!! Either way, I’ll be happy…

  8. I really want to go for it. I talked to Mike last night about waiting 6 months and seeing how his business is going. If it’s well enought that I could quit work, then we’ll do it.

    I can continue to work so I have my awesome insurance and have the birth paid for again. Then I can quit after that.

    So, we’ll see by summer time!!

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