Spoiled rotten.

I am spoiled rotten.

I must say I have it all!! First and foremost, I have the most awesome child in the world and next to him is my hubby!! They both spoil me to no end.

Aidan gives me chugars (kisses) non-stop now, and sometimes when I don’t even ask for it. The funniest is when he comes to me with his mouth wide-open, wanting a kiss. Today he gave me a kiss on the cheek. My heart melted!

My hubby. Well, he lets me have whatever I want. Thanks to him (all of his encouragement) I now have my Murano back!! It’s not the same one, but it’s a year newer (07) and is an AWD. I now have one of the safest cars on the face of the Earth to drive our son around in.

We are also still talking about having another baby and our plans for our future. We have a lot of shit set up for this year and I hope (know) that we can accomplish it.

We have several house repairs that we are taking care of. We have already started filling in the doorway from the kitchen to the kids’ room (weird, I know). We are going to repair our gutters and our ductwork, then we plan to replace the back door as well as buy a new fridge. To spoil us, we are going to buy a new bed and mattresses!!

This isn’t all we have on our list, either! We do have 4 years to accomplish all of our goals if for some reason we can’t get to them this year. But even then, we have many more things we want to do to the house and stuff. When he’s making a lot more money, I’m going to keep working so we can have a TON of money and save for our move to Florida in 2012. Save for that and other house remodeling.

I really can’t wait to get the house in ship-shape!!


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