Bum Genious cloth diapers

My blog friend SarcasticMom was blogging about switching to cloth diapers. Her son is a little older than Aidan (15 months if I remember correctly) and he has had diaper rash after diaper rash just like Aidan. She’s switching because of that and because she’s on an Eco-friendly trip!! I have attempted to join in on this as much as possible. I started this week by cleaning up my yard and the ditch. There wasn’t much there, but you know. You have to start somewhere.

Back to ass.

Aidan has had numerous diaper rashes since he was born, his first starting at 4 months old. I think he has super-sensitive skin like me, so anything will irritate it. We’ve done many things to help with this and most of them work briefly. A lot of his diaper rashes have had a yeast infection. We’ve talked to his doc about it, we’ve bought everything under the sun for diaper rashes and chafed skin. We’ve let him run without a diaper. We’ve avoided certain foods that seem to cause it. We’ve avoided diapers that didn’t help. Everything.

As I was reading about her journey reading up on the Bum Genious cloth diapers, I was getting more and more interested in buying them for Aidan and being done with it.

The only thing is is that my figures are a lot different than hers. I calculated that we spend approximately $221 a year on diapers for Aidan. The cloth diapers are roughly $18 each. If we switch, we’ll need at least 6-8 to keep our sanity, but we’ll still be washing diapers all the time – probably once a day at least, if not more. That’s $108 for 6 diapers, plus add in the inserts for protection against overnight leaks.

I’m thinking about giving it a try at least. The awesome thing about this is that if we have another baby, we can use them on that baby. The diapers are one size fits 7-35lbs. That’s practically the baby’s entire diaper life.


Any donations? 🙂


13 thoughts on “Bum Genious cloth diapers

  1. keep checking around for pricing-or you could sew them yourself, or sew the inserts anyway. My friend Kelly used something on her kids, but I can’t remember the name of them for anything-they’re earth somethings. the design is pretty close to the one in the picture.

  2. I haven’t switched to cloth diapers, but I did switch to the Seventh Generation diapers and wipes. They’re still disposable, but they are chlorine and chemical free so they are less likely to irritate baby’s skin.

  3. Sorayah – I’ve heard about those. I read about it on another mom blog. (A Whole Lot of Nothing)

    Katrina – No rush! Find out what you can. Since we have extra money (and Mike is profiting about $500 from a job today) I want to go ahead while we can.

    I think we’ll be planning for baby #2 in a few months. We’ll see! So they’ll come in handy for that baby as well.

  4. There’s another brand that’s similar to this design called gdiapers. They are a “hybrid” so to speak. They are made of cloth, but have disposable inserts that you can throw away or even flush…

  5. Triple Paste is awesome – My daughter has the most sensitive skin – everything gives her rashes. Rashes on her face, rashes on her arms, rashes on her legs, rashes on her toosh.
    Triple Paste is best for the toosh!

  6. I used the Triple Paste as well, but it didn’t seem to heal as fast as using A&D ointment.

    Often times we switch out with A&D and Desitin. It seems to be the best approach.

    Awww…your poor baby. Have you checked into some new kind of soaps and stuff for her? My step-daughter needed a special kind of eczema soap when she was younger. Luckily she outgrew the skin problem. (Now it’s everything else!!)

  7. oh – we have tried everything!! Right now, what seems to work is Neosoporin for her face and fingers and Fougera for the rest of her body – but this has steriods, so . . . can only use for 5 days on and then 5 days off – rash is back in that time. She is slathered up and down with every lotion and cream known to mankind! Poor kid!

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