What’d you say, son?

My favorite new thing to do is just listen to Aidan as he babbles and sounds out words to the best of his ability. He can now say many words including SpongeBob which actually sounds like BuhBob, bobble (bottle), bobble (bubbles), fth (fish) and many others. He’s repeating after us all the time. I’m just waiting for the day that he repeats something I don’t want him to say and he’s not going to stop saying it. Sthit.

He LOVES going outside and enjoys the beautiful weather. Whenever we take him back in he pitches a big fit and screams. He loves getting a collection of sticks and he loves riding around in his little pull car. I can’t wait until the weather gets a little warmer and we can be outside longer.

Tonight I was going to buy some more drop-ins for his bottles, but instead I wised up and bought two more sippy cups. He is almost done with this jar of formula (which we’ve been giving out sporadically) and once he’s finished we’ll no longer give him formula. He’s 14 months now, so he’s good to go. I do want to visit his pediatrician and see what he thinks.

This is awesome because that means there’s $20 more to go towards groceries. I decided to splurge and buy him two flavors of cream cheese. Maybe I’ll start eating it again myself.

Speaking of groceries, inflation is getting on my last nerve, people.

Anyways. When I came back home from work, I could tell that Aidan was heavier. It’s time for another weigh-in. Mike thinks he has gotten taller. We’ll see!


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