I have enough juice to quench the army’s thirst.

Well, not really, but you know…

I have 4 jugs of juice sitting next to my fridge and one new one in the fridge. I have 3 cartons of eggs and 2 big ass blocks of cheese!!! I love W.I.C.!!!

I’ve started helping Aidan out with the juice and we make breakfast with the eggs all the time. Whenever we need shredded cheese, we get the block out and shred away!! Aidan still has plenty.

Speaking of Aidan, he is still growing like a weed. I’m getting ready to measure his height and he’s about 24 lbs. now. His arms are looking more meaty and he’s tall and thin.

He’s so handsome and I don’t just say that because he’s my son. Some of his little facial expressions are so cute, like when he says, “Ohhh” or whenever he’s trying to whistle. Whenever he’s trying to be cute and flirt, he smiles real big and throws his head back.

He now loves clicking his tongue and is saying his Ls. Bocka has now improved to blocka.

This morning I let him try to feed himself with the spoon and after teaching him how to scoop and serve, he manage to scoop up a piece of  frosted mini-wheat and put it in his mouth (with a little guidance in between).

I’m such a proud mother!!

He loves running to our bed and jumping next to it, making a low pitch squeal. This means he wants to be thrown around on the bed. He loves it!! we’ll flip him over by his ankles and I’ll pick him up and drop him like a bomb.

You should see the smile on his face…


4 thoughts on “I have enough juice to quench the army’s thirst.

  1. Before Tiff had Zaiden, we had more eggs/milk/juice/cheese than we could finish ourselves-we gave a ton of it away cause it’d spoil if we left it in our fridge. lol

  2. is juicy juice still on the list? those new harvest surprise ones are GOOD-especially the orange/mango one. fruits and veggies all in one

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