Biter, no biting!

This week has been a really good week for Aidan. He has been relatively calm and joyous!

We’ve gone outside everyday since the weather has been gorgeous here. He has made many new discoveries and continues to point at everything, even his invisible buddies, whatever they may be.

He loves riding the lawnmower with his daddy and likes to watch our koi fish eat from our fingers. He loves sitting in the grass and wearing his new sunglasses.

He loves it so much that he screams whenever we come back inside. He stands at the door and says “bye-bye” quite frequently as though he’s trying to persuade us out of the house. It doesn’t take much for me because I hate being cooped up. He knows when I tell him to help me find his shoes, that he’s to look for those clunky things that go on his feet. He knows he’s going bye-bye! He gets very excited.

One thing that is not so positive is he has begun to start hitting things because, well…because it’s fun and loud! He tried to hit me in the ribs with a jar of sweet potatoes. Don’t think so.

I’ve taken things away from him and promptly – and nicely – said no, ow. He knows that “ow” is a bad thing. And shew.

The other thing that Mike experienced before I did yesterday was biting. He seems to prefer biting you in the inner thigh section. Yesterday we were playing on the couch and having a good time. He lept across my lap and CHOMP!! He bit right into my friggin’ thigh.

And. It. Hurt.

I have a nice little 14 month old sized bruise on my inner thigh.

The joys of motherhood.


2 thoughts on “Biter, no biting!

  1. where’d you end up putting the pond at?

    Mike needs to be careful with him on the mower, especially with his record of things rolling away! haha

  2. Lol….

    The ponds are in the corner next to the Crape Myrtle. The big one is in the corner and it trickles down via a rock stream into the smaller one which comes close to the gravel driveway.

    I have a picture of them in my photobucket; maybe I’ll post about them!

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