Swim little fish!

The last time we went to my mother-in-law’s house, we attempted to put Aidan in the pool via his new floatie. Ehhh. Wrong. Not gonna’ happen!

He pitched a fit and held onto the front for dear life. I wasn’t in the pool, so that may have had an impact in his decision to scream bloody murder.

We decided to go again on Monday so Mike could see his step-father for Father’s Day. We have also decided that Mondays are our “us” time and we spend the whole day together (after I get home from work in the mornings).

We all went swimming. I decided to give it a shot even though I hate swimming. Once I got in, Aidan was fine. All he needed was the OK from his mama.

He thoroughly enjoyed himself, too!! He got to wear his new swim trunks and slip on papaw shoes that his Ganny bought for him. He had such a great time that he forgot to squeeze his little floatie raft to death and laid back instead! Look:


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