Videos galore!!

So far, I have uploaded 13 videos of Aidan to my video site. Now that I’ve gotten a new digital camera that video tapes as well, I’ve been recording like a maniac.

The newest one is of Aidan, his daddy, a waterhose and a window!! Go visit my site to see what it’s about. You’ll get a laugh!

We go to the urologist tomorrow to get another check-up on his weenie’s healing progress. I’m hoping that he says it looks good enough to go ahead with surgery because I want to get it over with and I may not be at my job TOO much longer since everyone is leaving. My insurance will pay for all of it (or I may only have a $350 deductible) since it will be at one of our hospitals. It beats having another $1500 bill.

Today I’m sick and I haven’t done shit for the past two days. It hit me like a ton of bricks last night and I think Aidan may have the funk, too. He has been crying and not eating and waking in the middle of the night. This started last week.

I bought Aidan some of those Wal-Mart brand Crocs in black and they are so cute on him. I hate them; I think they’re ugly. I do like Jess’ marlino (?) style ones that she has in pink. Now those are cute! I’d buy them in black, of course. Or maybe yellow.

Anyways. This is Aidan’s blog. Back to him.

There aren’t many new things to report as of late. He loves to give sugars and he waves bye everytime someone goes out the door (which he has been doing).

I think his developments/accomplishments have slowed down since he hasn’t been eating so much. His energy is low. I’ve been trying to make him plenty of food and different options, but nothing is working. Mayb I’ll look into getting some PediaSure.


2 thoughts on “Videos galore!!

  1. hubs hates crocs too. okay i hate crocs too but for some reason, the mary jane ones are so cute and comfortable!!! especially black and they look really cute with pants. seriously. most comfortable shoes, ever.

  2. Did you get the black ones, too? I really would like to have some if they’re comfortable, but only to wear with cute stuff….not with shorts or sweats. I don’t want to look slobbish like some people do.

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