Weight Update

My most recent weight update bears really good news!!

I’m only 1 lb. away from my pre-baby weight!!!!!!!

I am so excited and very pleased with my progress. I’m still not doing exercises, just watching what I eat and how much. I’m no longer doing the 5 small meals a day thing, I’m just eating when I’m hungry. At work, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times everyday, and it’s hard not eating when the food is good because my in-between meals were just oat bars and cereal usually because I had nothing else. And the oat bars were stopping me up.

So anyways. I’m now 135 lbs and shooting to lose another 13 lbs. Let’s see how long it takes me. Maybe I’ll switch up my diet and add a ton more water than I’m drinking to help flush me out. I will drink less Mello Yellos as I have increased on those again. And I will continue eating as I have been, maybe eating smaller portions since I still eat bigger than what I should be considering that I don’t burn many calories off during the day.

I’ll keep you updated!


8 thoughts on “Weight Update

  1. that’s great!
    you weigh 15 lbs less than me and I’ve never even had a baby! haha Wish I could control what I eat…I tend to overeat-yay depression and crazy meds.

  2. Thanks! I lost that weight just this year. It would’ve gone away faster if I had exercised, but I just don’t ever feel like it; I have that mentality of, “I have better things to do.”

    You may be able to counteract your hunger with another medicine, but that means being on another med and more money…

  3. you’d think the ritalin would curb my appetite! my overeating tends to strike mainly around…that time of the month. at least its not constant!

    you don’t exercise? you run after Aidan at home and teenagers at work-I’d say you’re getting quite a bit! have you ever worn a pedometer to track your steps? I’ve got an extra if you want it.

  4. 5000 steps is about average. I was getting in 6000-7000/day not doing anything I wouldn’t normally do. 10000 steps is equal to about 5 miles.

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