Son, go be a man now.

My son isn’t even 18 months yet (until the 27th) and he can already put a key – the correct one – into the lock on our front door. He can also push the handle on the screen door to open it. He climbs up on our bed now. He climbs up onto the rungs of the dining table to get in my lap while I’m on the computer. He’s currently trying to climb up on the coffee table.

He still hasn’t broken anymore teeth through. Is that normal? For him to be his age and only have his 8 front teeth??

Whenever we walk through the house, he points his arm in the direction he wants you to take him, kind of like a metal detector, except he’s more of a take-me-where-I-can-get-into-things-I-shouldn’t-be-in detector.

He tries to unplug and replug outlets, but that’s where we catch him and smack his hands. LAst night he was reaching up onto the counter and right as he was about to touch the side of the (George Forman) grill, we did our “Ehh” noise and he stopped. I try to explain to him what “hot” is and that it will “hurt”, but he just doesn’t understand. I guess he’ll have to experience it himself for him to be able to know not to do that again. I don’t want this at all. I’d rather him not get burned and when he’s 3 or can comprehend the word hot, then he’ll know.

We got him some new bowls so he can hold onto them and them sit on his table (which is small). He’s been eating out of them regularly and he even started feeding himself last week. He loves applesauce and it stains the least so mama likes it, too!

He started eating a little more yesterday, actually eating about two meals. He has kept away the diaper rashes very well. He had a small one this week that went away in a few hours :O and has only had two this year (that I can remember).

He loves watching older cartoons like Tom and Jerry and that thrills me because that’s what I watched when I grew up. The Smurfs are on DVD, so I may ask for it for my birthday so he can have it (since we’re broke and may be losing our cable).

So that’s all I can remember for now.

Go and check out all of Aidan’s videos if you haven’t yet, including the one of him feeding himself applesauce.


2 thoughts on “Son, go be a man now.

  1. I can’t wait till my baby is two years. I know he’ll cause all kinds of mischiefs, but I want to see what kind of stuff he does. I already know he’ll be throwing lots of tantrums. He already does and he’s only 6montsh, almost 7. He starts yelling and throwing himself backwards when I try to take something away from him. I love your blogging. I hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blogroll 🙂

  2. Oh no!! By all means, please do so! 🙂

    The more the merrier. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love sharing stories and offering suggestions for newer mommies via my posts.

    I do the same: I follow some blogs of moms whose babies are a little older so I know what to expect!

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