Parents Choice baby wipes

The other day when I went to Wal-Mart to do my weekly grocery shopping, they were doing inventory.

You ask, what does this matter?

Well, when you go for what you want or need and they’re doing inventory, chances are, they’re not going to have it on the shelves because if they do, then it makes it harder to do the count.

We needed baby wipes and they didn’t have the ones we use. When Aidan was little, we went through all different kinds of wipes trying to find what was best for him because he got diaper rashes from hell. We discovered that the Parent’s Choice sensitive cloth wipes (thanks Jess!) were best on him. We’ve used them for months now and he has barely had any rashes.

So what did I do?

Panicked. No. Really I wanted to go back to the back and get what I needed because they were lazy jerks. But, I didn’t. I chose something else.

I went with the Parent’s Choice Organic cotton wipes because, well, organic is awesome!! I don’t buy too much organic stuff that’s disposable since it’s more costly. The wipes were $2 more than what I usually get, but I did get more wipes for my money so I couldn’t complain. (Now if Mike would just watch Aidan closer on the weekends and keep him out of them!!!)

Now I don’t know if I want to continue buying the organic ones since we are trying to be more green, or stick to what we’ve been using since we are broke as hell.

Something else that bugged me was the change White Cloud made in their diapers. Aidan is still in the stage 3 and we’ve used WC since he was just a couple of months old. They just changed them recently and they are smaller and they no longer have the John Lennon artwork on them.

Why would they want to make them smaller all of a sudden??

Guess it’s time to move up to Stage 4!!!!


4 thoughts on “Parents Choice baby wipes

  1. I’ve had good luck with baby wipes. We use the generic brand from Costco, I think it’s Kurkland or something like that (they come in a box of ten i think which come in a box of 80 baby wipes), sometimes if we’re short on cash we go to target and get their brand. Generic brand seems to work well on Andres. I’m glad his skin isn’t sensitive.
    Andres is 7 months and he’s using stage 3, Huggies though, I’ve never heard of white cloud (but i like the name and John Lennon!) He’s a pretty big baby. Last month I look him to the doctor’s appointment and he weight 16lbs 5oz… I think that’s pretty big. πŸ™‚ I see some people walking with their baby in the car seat and the mothers carry the car seat like if it’s a purse! On their arm, I can’t do that, he’s too heavy for me. 😦 … anyway… i love your posts. πŸ™‚

  2. We’re limited on stores around here because I live in a small town. I’m not used to that since I’m from Knoxville, but I deal with it.

    White Cloud are Wal-Mart’s semi-generic brand. I get 104 in a box for only $15. Sometimes they sell them for $14, so it’s nice.

    Yeah, he is a good size. Aidan was the same way, but then he hita growth spurt and got really tall. He’s now as tall as some 3 year olds. I was the same way with his car seat. It good to the point that I said forget this!! I bought him a bigger seat when he could barely get into it!

    Thanks! I love the visits!

  3. I was doing a search for White Cloud baby wipes and came across your blog. We have a daycare and we use the lavender scent for our business and also personally. They are great!

    I also read that you’re trying to be more green and buy organic.
    To me, some of that is great. We’re older and I feel more aware of the way our govt. pushes us in the direction the want…such as green, organic, eggs are bad, eggs are good type of thing.

    My opinion probably won’t matter to you, but much of that push is about paying more to support companies that support each administration.

    We raise chickens, and penned up or free they taste the same. Baby products like baby powder, baby oil…we use Johnson’s on us and the babies. We use the real Johnson’s powder (sometimes cornstarch…only for the scent)
    They say there are problems with talc, but my Grandmother, my mother, and I use it…sometimes 5 or 6 times a day or more. Never a problem, no cancer or breathing problems and these women are almost 100!
    What a great smell and it works.

    My point is if you want to save money and you don’t have much…live your life and be smart, but beware of lots of new fads and ads the govt. puts out to sometimes scare the public.
    I’m super patriotic but I don’t listen to even half of what they suggest. It’s worked so far.

    take care, Tony and Mellie

    • Haha! Thank you! The going green part is more for us at home and doing things like conserving water in different ways…using less tp with each wipe….so forth and so on. I buy organic clothing and wipes only because my son is like me and has very sensitive skin.

      Foods: I don’t buy organic. The prices are too outrageous and bc of the reasons you mentioned and I’m not buying into that. I grew up on a farm and raised chickens and harvested vegetables and such. I see NO reason to raise the price as less is actually put into the making of it all. In my rational thinking, the price should be cheaper than all of the stuff that was made in fertilized dirt and what-not.

      I used baby powder on my son for the longest time right after he was born and I stopped using it after reading that it can cause respiratory problems. I’ve thought back on a lot of things and compared them to how I was raised. I turned out fine. πŸ™‚

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