Medical Bills

I just got a letter in the mail from Aidan’s pediatric urologist bill department. They told me I needed to call and set up payments since it was over 60 days past due. Well, I’ve been making payments every month since I got the bill. I can only afford about $20 a month.

I had set up payments before the surgery for that amount and apparently it didn’t stick.

I made a call to them to discuss this and she wound up telling me I needed to pay $100+ a month because they spread it over a 12 month period. I told her there’s no way I can afford that; that I’m doing good to pay what I’m paying. She continued to tell me it needs to be at least $100 and she’ll have to review it with her department manager.

Isn’t there some sort of law or something that if they refuse what I pay, that I don’t have to pay it anymore??? I know I’ve heard this many times, especially because I know people who have had this same problem.

I just don’t want to refuse to pay since Aidan is having his surgery with them again and I don’t want them to refuse services in a week and a half when we go.


4 thoughts on “Medical Bills

  1. I don’t know of any law? I know that I had to start paying more on a bill from having L. because they messed up my insurance info and did not bother to inform me until it was too late to fix it, or they would have turned me over to a collection agency. Sorry that didn’t help…

  2. I’ve heard that so many times but I have no idea if there’s really any truth to it.
    I’d call her department manager myself-forget the usual cust. service reps who can’t really make decisions and let them know whats going on. If you’re paying anything at all, they’ll have a rough time putting the account in collections. They need to wake up and realize times are TOUGH right now.
    This is something I need to look more in to considering all the horrible medical bills I’m about to have…
    (note to self-write this down!)

  3. No shit!!!! They need to realize that our economy is going to hell in a handbasket and it’s already gotten one foot in.

    I may just call them back. My mother told me when the collection agency calls to tell them that I had set up a payment plan and that I’ve followed it, making payments every month. Plus, I just received the bill 2 months ago, so they haven’t even given me enough time to be unreliable.

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