Teething….ahhh my aching everything!!

I am so tired. Aidan has been very need. He is getting heavier and my back can’t take it.

I think he is now around having 8 or more teeth coming in at once. He won’t let me look in, but I try to sneak a peek when I’m changing him or whenever he’s smiling at me and being silly.

I think he may just be getting the rest in all at once, which would mean there are 12 coming in. I don’t see 12, but it certainly looks like his whole gumline is red and white. I can defnitely see 8 coming in, though.

I hope to get it all over with at once. I don’t know how much longer I can take this whiney, needy, refuse-to-go-to-sleep behavior!!!

Next week I’ll talk about potty training! woohoo


2 thoughts on “Teething….ahhh my aching everything!!

  1. Man, my baby is eight and a half already and he’s already has his two bottom and two top teeths, he’s getting his two side ones already and so he’s teething too. He’s acting the exact same way as your baby aiden is. He seems awefully more needy than usual. He wants me to hold him all the time and I thought maybe I’m just holding him too much and he’s getting use to beeing in mommy’s arms all the time, so I let him cry sometimes. 😦 I don’t know if i’m doing right though. Reading your post though it seems like that may be why. I’m glad to hear that it’s normal! 🙂 He doen’st want to go to sleep either, he doesn’t take naps but like ten minute ones, and he sleeps late, almost midnight!. He’s whiney, and needy too. Good luck and I hope he gets better soon!

    what do you use for his teething? I use to use highlands teething tablets but they don’t seem to work for him, my sister-in-law said they did for her daughter, but they don’t work for him. My husband’s cousin’s gf says that humphrey’s worked better on her son, so I think I”ll be getting that, right now i’m using Orajel for babies but I really don’t like the idea of having that on him… it taste nasty and it leaves a nasty feeling on your mouth… the tablets are natural and this one is not. Anyway just wondering what you use?

  2. The H. Teething Tablets didn’t work for Aidan. I just use Orajel couple with Tylenol. I stagger each dosage so he constantly has something helping with relief.

    For example, I’ll give him Tylenol at 2pm and Orajel at 4pm. They both last 4 hours, so when one runs out the other is still working.

    Sounds like he’s def. teething! And going through separation anxiety. You’re doing fine and it is very normal!!

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