Poor baby.

I bought Aidan some footie pajamas the other day and for the past two nights he has worn both of them. I noticed that he was tugging at the neck and he kept unzipping them. I just thought it was because he hasn’t really gotten used to them again.

This morning when I took them off, I noticed he had a bad rash that goes all across his belly, back and neck. Poor punkin. I called his doctor to see what would be best for him. I love his doctor because the nurses will tell you over the phone the best way to deal with something that can be taken care of without a visit. They told me to give him some Benadryl so I have to go and get it.

Hopefully it goes away soon and doesn’t come back after I wash them. He has super-sensitive skin like me, so I feel for him.

Aside from that, we decided on what to get him for xmas: we are going to buy him an electric lawnmower/tractor. He loves riding the lawnmower with Mike and sometimes alone (attended of course).

I replaced his tub toy holder because it never stuck to the wall and was getting icky with soap build up. I decided to get a basket for the towel shelf. We are going to dab the toys dry and keep them in it. It looks so nice and fits perfectly on the shelf.


I have added a few videos to his account: vimeo.com/ajillofalltrades


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