Sucks to be sick

Aidan and I are both sick. I’ve been in bed all day today and he has been up and running about, so I don’t think he has been hit as hard as I have. He still doesn’t look that good, though. He is pale and has red splotches under his eyes, he doesn’t eat much and he has snot caked all over his face. He’s been having thick strands of snot coming out of his nose all day. When we wipe his nose, they string out and we have to keep pulling on it because it is so long. He pitches a fit and doesn’t like for us to wipe his nose.

Anyways. I’m taking him to see his doctor tomorrow to hopefully get him some antibiotics and some other medicine to help him get better. I can’t afford to go, so I just got some medicine I know works: Tylenol Cold Severe.


3 thoughts on “Sucks to be sick

  1. be sure to drink a lot of juice and stuff. maybe send Mike to the drug store or walmart to get some probiotics too-they’re usually w/ the vitamins and an avg. size bottle is only $5-10. they usually help me get over stuff faster since they boost the good bacteria in your body to be able to kill off the bad stuff.

  2. probably wouldn’t hurt for you to go ahead and take them w/ it being flu season and all…don’t want to get that sick AGAIN!

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