Falling out of the bed.

As I posted a couple of days ago (I think), I decided that Aidan’s 2nd birthday would come with two “big boy” decisions:

  1. We would no longer give him a paci (once we could hide them).
  2. We would convert his bed to his toddler bed.


The paci thing hasn’t really worked. He still does that whine when he really wants it. And I can’t handle that so I have to plug him up.

I converted his crib to a bed and that night he fell out of it in the middle of the night. He also didn’t sleep well at all. I guess because he scoots himself to the head of his bed during the night, so he was probably bumping his head without the bumper padding.


We are going today to look for better bed rails in hopes that we can keep his toddler bed. If not, then it’s back to the crib. Sadly.


5 thoughts on “Falling out of the bed.

  1. I remember when my mom tried take Jaime’s paci away…that was a NIGHTMARE, though maybe it wasn’t realllly as bad as I remember, it just seemed 10x worse since I was an easily annoyed teenager! haha

    Has Aidan mad/e any progress w/ the new bed since you posted this

  2. Well, we put the gate back up on his bed, but I am thinking about re-trying tonight.

    Yeah, he does well throughout the day. He doesn’t cry or scream when he doesn’t have it; he just grunts and whines.

    And that’s only when he’s sleepy.

  3. moving my son, when he was 18 months old, into a big boy bed…was fine. it was the paci thing that we had problems with. we weren’t able to break him of it until he was *whispers* four.
    yeah…i KNOW!!

  4. Wow!!! I really want to get him out of the habit, but it seems so unreachable.

    I may try to take down the side of the bed again. We keep it lowered so he can get used to the rail being lowered. Maybe that will help.

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