Fun in the Sun.

or…Sun your buns. I used to have a couple of t-shirts that read that. *giggle* Ahhhh, the 80s.

Yesterday we bought Aidan a nice size pool at Target for only $15. It is going to be about 4 feet by 8 feet long and perfectly deep for a kid his age. He can stand in it and be above the water, yet be able to splash around and swim when he learns.

Mike took him and Alex to the lake house for Father’s Day and Aidan did not want to leave!! He especially did not want to get out of the pool. I had seen the ad in Target’s paper this week and decided I couldn’t pass that up. He needs more places to play and things to do in his own back yard.

Next, we will be making him a sandbox. I am so excited!




3 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun.

  1. These are great pictures! I want to get a sandbox for my little one too! But where I live, there are other people living here too and they have dogs, they’re kept in the backyard… and that’s the only place I could really put it… I’m sure it’d become their popping spot =\

  2. I’ve already been eyeing sandboxes…the turtle ones are soooo cute! Cooper hasn’t even been born yet and I’m already looking! haha

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