Potty Training

Yesterday I decided to start trying to potty train Aidan…again. The first time I don’t think he was as ready as I was hoping. So I prepared myself for this time because I really want to stick with it. Plus, it’s discouraged to start then give up. SO, here we are on day two.
Well, I can say that I am exhausted from wiping up so much pee lately. Well, not SO much, but doing it what seems like back-to-back-to-back-to-back.
I looked up a suggestion that was given to me by one of my former patients. She had seen a Dr. Phil show on potty training in a day where he uses a peeing doll and goes through the motions to sort of “train” and motivate your child to want to repeat the same behaviors. In the end, the doll was rewarded with a party and lots of attention was given to the doll for its success. Your child will vie for that attention.

Now, other resources say not to go overboard with the rewarding because it can also cause anxiety for fear of failure the next time.  I decided to do a mixture of both.

Yesterday afternoon, Aidan peed in his potty when I went to get him a book. We celebrated with ice cream and soda. I have since commended him on his successes by telling him he did a really good job. He has peed in his potty twice again today, so I consider it a success so far.

I am proud of my little punkin butter bisquit.


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