Rest easy.

About 2 weeks ago I bought Aidan a new toddler bed. I was tired of using his 4-in-1 crib because it was high off the ground (higher than I’d like). I was walking through Walmart doing my regular shopping and was in the baby section. They are currently renovating my Walmart and so the beds were next to the toys.

I saw a new toddler bed that I HAD to have. It was wood and a dark stain. It looked great in the picture and I could see it in his room and something that is very flexible with different colors as he grows older. I imagine he can use it until he’s at least 5 or 6.

I don’t have a picture, but I will soon.

At this same time we decided to start changing his daily routine. It was a pretty big overhaul. Normally he would wake up around 9:30am then nap about 3 hours during the day, usually from 2-5pm. This put him in bed late every night, but he wouldn’t go to sleep any earlier than 1:30pm usually.

So because he always seemed wired and playful around naptime, I decided to see if he would just stay up the rest of the day and incorporate an earlier bedtime into his routine. Stacie says her daughter rarely takes naps, so I figured it was worth the try. I thought that if he slept from 9pm until 9am that would be fabulous!!

So far so good! He has been crashing around 9pm every night and waking up between 8 and 9am. This gives Mike and I time with each other from 9 until our bedtime. It is SO nice! The only thing that sucks is not having free time during the day and it can be more exhausting not having that break from him, but I’ve actually found that around 4pm he starts bogging down and chilling on his own so he isn’t a wild beast  to tame.

It’s working out very well.


3 thoughts on “Rest easy.

  1. I am glad it’s working out for you. Every kid is different when it comes to sleep, but I would lose my shit if my kids didn’t take a nap during the day! LOL!!

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