Sorry about the lapse.

Yeah, my last post was September 12th. Sorry about that. I’ve been really busy changing our lifestyle around. Old habits die hard.

Well, we still aren’t potty training. We finally got a new regular schedule down for Aidan. He was waking around 9:30am and going to bed around 8:30p. He got sick last week and his schedule is all of balance now. I’m thinking that we may start potty training around December, but then again getting through the holidays and our income adjustment sounds like a better idea. I would like to have him potty trained by the time he turns 3 (Jan. 27th)  so that I can get him into Head Start or something. They have to be potty trained for that, right?

He has started showing more interest in dressing him self and insists on doing it alone most of the time. He has also been forming sentences and saying all kinds of new words he has never said before. And I mean oodles of words. He is no longer resistant to repeating after us. I’m sure they’ve been in there all along.

So right now Aidan is sick with his yearly sinus crud. He seems to be getting better as he isn’t as snotty; just coughing a lot. I was sick last week from Monday-Thursday and have gotten a lot better since then. Mike started getting sick over the weekend so hopefully he’ll start feeling better in the next couple of days. At least we all got it at the same time so we can be done with it!



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