December of 2009

Well, a lot of changes have come our way….for the better. Life does not seem like a roller coaster ride anymore. I feel pretty leveled out and hope that it sticks. I don’t need anymore of what we’ve had for the past two years.

Aidan is getting big. I’m not sure how big he is, but I plan to find out tonight. He’s somewhere around 39″ (3′ 3″)and 32lbs.

He uses sentences, but not very often. He still likes to use the two word forms of communication: “Play dat.” I am worried that he might be falling behind as far as his language skills go, but I’m not too worried about it as he has always surprised all of a sudden. For instance, tomorrow he may start speaking in complete sentences for good. Who knows?? I’m not going to pressure him into doing anything. We still go through his ABCs and try to sing songs together, but he just kind of blurts out whatever…or just random words in the song. He loves The Ramones, BTW….especially “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

Potty training.

He still shows no interest in it, but he has been wanting to dress himself a lot more. He even puts his shoes on himself.

We let him have the XBox back last week to see how he would handle it. It’s almost like he didn’t miss a beat. He still knows how to maneuver the joysticks and how to navigate through the menu to get to where he needs. Hopefully we can find some decent toddler games for him. I will not let him become addicted to it, to the point that he wants to spend ever waking moment on it. It will be his fun time.

So, there’s your update. I’ll be back later with height and weight.


2 thoughts on “December of 2009

  1. LOL Katrina!
    I haven’t really made any definite plans or even thought it through yet. I would say yes. Hopefully by then he’ll be potty trained.
    I know for sure when we move in 2012 (if we still do), that he’ll be starting kindergarten that fall.

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