Week 1: Potty Forcing

So we survived week one of potty forcing.

Aidan did quite well and improved over time. By the end of the week, he was accruing 6-7 stickers a day! The only bad thing is that he never pooped in the toilet. And he still hasn’t.

This week his reward if he continues to go pee and poops in the potty we are taking him to the bouncy house and pizzaria. Yesterday he only peed in the toilet once and I was getting really upset, but was careful not to show it. I reminded him that he still needs to use the toilet, but he only did once. We still took him to Chuck E Cheese and just wrote it off as a slow day. I’m sure he is getting tired of getting up and going to the potty since he isn’t really used to it.

Anyways. Mike also bought him a bike with training wheels, but he has to poop before he can ride it outside. So he basically has 2 rewards for pooping. I think the bike was too soon.


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