Half a decade and some months since the last update.

Nope, it hasn’t been over 5 years since my last update.

Aidan turned 5 last month! We celebrated his last birthday in Tennessee at Chuck E Cheese’s with Aidan’s Pappaw Ben, Granma Janet and Mammaw. We had fun as usual and we ate lots of yummy cheese pizza. It was SUPER busy there as it was a Friday, so I felt uncomfortable and didn’t play as much.

We also celebrated his birthday with his friends at school. I figured we’d celebrate with cake there so that I wouldn’t have any to take home. 😉 Like I need cake lying around my house….pfft. Here is a photo of all of his classmates singing happy birthday to him. ❤

Aidan is 42″ tall and 41.5 lbs. I know this because he is sick again and we had to go to the doctor last Monday. He has been sick 5 times since September, having ear infections and some kind of respiratory and sinus crud. Poor fellow just can’t get a break. His doctor will be checking him on Monday to see if the antibiotics are getting rid of the infection or if it’s just getting better then coming back. I guess that will determine if he needs tubes or not.

Also, I discovered several weeks ago that Aidan has a leak down there (from his previous surgeries). When he would pee, a drop would come out of where his other hole was. We visited his urologist in Knoxville and scheduled a surgery. I even showed him the videos I had recorded of it (which they wanted for educational purposes).

Last week, I was watching him pee and noticed there was no drip. So I made sure to watch over the next few days when he would let me and there was no more dripping. I called his doctor to see if it was possible to heal on it’s own. He said that there is a 5% chance, but after seeing the videos, he says he is sure that that would be highly unlikely for Aidan.

I am stuck in a pickle because I want to get that over with before he gets any older- and especially before we move – but at the same time, if he has to have tubes, I don’t want him having multiple surgeries so close together, nor will I think they would allow that. His surgery is rescheduled for the 23rd and I am still keeping a watch on his urination and so far he has no leakage. Hopefully on Monday his doctor will give us good news about his ear infection so that I have one less thing to worry about.


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