It has definitely been a while…

A lot has happened since our update.

Back in April of this year we had a tornado hit our house and we’ve moved 3 times since. I quit my job at the Village at the end of June and have picked back up with photography.

For Aidan, life has been stressful as well, but he has done rather well. He has been going to bed for a few weeks now wearing underwear and has had only one accident and that was when he woke up in the morning.

Before that he had been wearing pull-ups and had only tinkled in them once or twice this whole year.

He started school Friday, August 12th. At first he had a hard time keeping his hands to himself, but ever since I talked to him about it, he has done well.

Today a little girl came up and kissed him. Apparently he was a little confused about it. How funny! I’m sure he will get a kick out of this when he reads it one day.

His teachers are Ms. Lyndee and Ms. Amanda and he likes them. This morning was his first morning where he did not want to let go of me. When I picked him up, he told me, “I missed you,” in the most pitiful voice…even his teacher was touched by it.

We are still on track to move to Florida in 9 months after the kids graduate. And Aidan can start kindergarten down there. He is excited about it because he loves the beach and the ocean.

We are hopeful that everything will work out for us the way it’s supposed to. As long as we have each other, that is what really matters.


We have touchdown!


Success. Not full-blown success, but a turd has hit the water in the Chastain house….and not just from the adults around here. We had a little nugget join in on the fun.

On July 7th (last Wednesday) Aidan finally took a dump in the toilet.

Yay…..maybe I didn’t terminally scar him when he first attempted this a year and a half ago. We decided to make it easier on him and let him go without shorts or a pull-up on. He can go in there and just pee…no hassle.

Well, last Wednesday he came to me and said he had to poop so we went running in there. He farted twice so I knew it was there. He got down in the floor and played with one of his toys. I reminded him that if he had to poop to get back on the potty. Well, he did. He was calling for me, but I was busy at the moment. He came out and went to Mike and told him he pooped then showed him a streak on his leg.

Mike feared that he had done it in the floor.

Well…..he had. But the good thing is is that it came as he was squatting and he ran and got on the potty mid-dump. He manage to pinch off a little one in there so that was certainly worth celebrating. Not just the dook, but the effort. We went to Chuck E’ Cheese the next day and he had a blast. He knew his celebration was for that.

We ran into Hollie Stockman and her little girl, Zella. Hollie commended Aidan on his success and encouraged him to keep doing it. It’s nice to have someone else join us on that so he doesn’t think it’s something spectacular to just us.

He has pooped two more times since then, but because we were out and about when he took his other dumps. Whenever he has a pull-up on, he takes advantage of the convenience.

We are having him do without so he gets used to not having pee or poop stuck to him ever.

I put him in underwear the other day while he helped Mike mow and he actually told Mike he needed to pee so they stopped and he did it. He has done tremendously well with letting us know when he has to pee. Sometimes he even makes us leave so he can do it himself.

Such a big boy!

Kiddo photog

Last week I decided to buy my son a Vtech Kiddizoom after I saw Sarcastic Mom post a tweet about her son having one. I remembered my nephew having something like it when he was younger. I am all about offering my child the resources to help fuel his artistic side (if he has one, which I am convinced he does).

He seems to love it so far as he took over 200 photos within 30 minutes of getting it. I have yet to hook it up to the computer and look at the quality of photos, but so far it looks pretty decent. Decent enough for a $40 camera used by a 3 year old.

And since I haven’t really talked much about it, I wanted to write it down so Aidan can read this later. He is obsessed with Matchbox cars and HotWheels. And we don’t mind since they are only .97cents. 🙂 That’s why he now has a LOT of them. I would guess around 70. My mother bought him about 30 or more for Christmas and we buy him one basically everytime we go to Walmart or Target….which is about twice a week. He will look at the car then turn the package so he can inspect the rear and the front end of the car. It’s the cutest thing! I’m not sure what he’s checking out, but it’s usually the dealbreaker.

Last night we got him a Delorean, which reminds me that we need to buy the Back to the Future Trilogy. I absolutely LOVE those movies and think Aidan would, too.

So that is where we are at.

Oh yeah, Aidan has been back at playing the X-box and he loves playing Halo, Flatout and Ty. It’s impressive how well he can maneuver around and use the controller and quickly at that! I know a lot of people may gasp at the idea of me letting my 3 year old child play video games – one like Halo, especially – but he loves it and he is learning hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We also have a V-tech system that is for learning, but after using the X-box graphics, he is not impressed. He is not aggressive as a result. If he does start to show signs, then it will stop. His only problem is he gets frustrated at the difficulty of some parts, but that’s usually because he has put it on a hard level.


All is well with is. What’s going on with you?

Rest easy.

About 2 weeks ago I bought Aidan a new toddler bed. I was tired of using his 4-in-1 crib because it was high off the ground (higher than I’d like). I was walking through Walmart doing my regular shopping and was in the baby section. They are currently renovating my Walmart and so the beds were next to the toys.

I saw a new toddler bed that I HAD to have. It was wood and a dark stain. It looked great in the picture and I could see it in his room and something that is very flexible with different colors as he grows older. I imagine he can use it until he’s at least 5 or 6.

I don’t have a picture, but I will soon.

At this same time we decided to start changing his daily routine. It was a pretty big overhaul. Normally he would wake up around 9:30am then nap about 3 hours during the day, usually from 2-5pm. This put him in bed late every night, but he wouldn’t go to sleep any earlier than 1:30pm usually.

So because he always seemed wired and playful around naptime, I decided to see if he would just stay up the rest of the day and incorporate an earlier bedtime into his routine. Stacie says her daughter rarely takes naps, so I figured it was worth the try. I thought that if he slept from 9pm until 9am that would be fabulous!!

So far so good! He has been crashing around 9pm every night and waking up between 8 and 9am. This gives Mike and I time with each other from 9 until our bedtime. It is SO nice! The only thing that sucks is not having free time during the day and it can be more exhausting not having that break from him, but I’ve actually found that around 4pm he starts bogging down and chilling on his own so he isn’t a wild beast  to tame.

It’s working out very well.

Potty Training

Yesterday I decided to start trying to potty train Aidan…again. The first time I don’t think he was as ready as I was hoping. So I prepared myself for this time because I really want to stick with it. Plus, it’s discouraged to start then give up. SO, here we are on day two.
Well, I can say that I am exhausted from wiping up so much pee lately. Well, not SO much, but doing it what seems like back-to-back-to-back-to-back.
I looked up a suggestion that was given to me by one of my former patients. She had seen a Dr. Phil show on potty training in a day where he uses a peeing doll and goes through the motions to sort of “train” and motivate your child to want to repeat the same behaviors. In the end, the doll was rewarded with a party and lots of attention was given to the doll for its success. Your child will vie for that attention.

Now, other resources say not to go overboard with the rewarding because it can also cause anxiety for fear of failure the next time.  I decided to do a mixture of both.

Yesterday afternoon, Aidan peed in his potty when I went to get him a book. We celebrated with ice cream and soda. I have since commended him on his successes by telling him he did a really good job. He has peed in his potty twice again today, so I consider it a success so far.

I am proud of my little punkin butter bisquit.

Buwd is a word.

Since my last post, Aidan has been saying sooo many words. Or, I’ve been recognizing them at least. There are some phrases he often says over and over that I can’t understand and I don’t know what he’s talking about even though he points.

At least he doesn’t get frustrated about it because that is not a good thing according to

He is also stopping when he pees and grabs at his crotch. He also hsa been going and hiding in certain areas when he’s taking a dump. Now if I could just get him to go on his potty.