Poor baby.

I bought Aidan some footie pajamas the other day and for the past two nights he has worn both of them. I noticed that he was tugging at the neck and he kept unzipping them. I just thought it was because he hasn’t really gotten used to them again.

This morning when I took them off, I noticed he had a bad rash that goes all across his belly, back and neck. Poor punkin. I called his doctor to see what would be best for him. I love his doctor because the nurses will tell you over the phone the best way to deal with something that can be taken care of without a visit. They told me to give him some Benadryl so I have to go and get it.

Hopefully it goes away soon and doesn’t come back after I wash them. He has super-sensitive skin like me, so I feel for him.

Aside from that, we decided on what to get him for xmas: we are going to buy him an electric lawnmower/tractor. He loves riding the lawnmower with Mike and sometimes alone (attended of course).

I replaced his tub toy holder because it never stuck to the wall and was getting icky with soap build up. I decided to get a basket for the towel shelf. We are going to dab the toys dry and keep them in it. It looks so nice and fits perfectly on the shelf.


I have added a few videos to his account: vimeo.com/ajillofalltrades


Videos galore!!

So far, I have uploaded 13 videos of Aidan to my video site. Now that I’ve gotten a new digital camera that video tapes as well, I’ve been recording like a maniac.

The newest one is of Aidan, his daddy, a waterhose and a window!! Go visit my site to see what it’s about. You’ll get a laugh!

We go to the urologist tomorrow to get another check-up on his weenie’s healing progress. I’m hoping that he says it looks good enough to go ahead with surgery because I want to get it over with and I may not be at my job TOO much longer since everyone is leaving. My insurance will pay for all of it (or I may only have a $350 deductible) since it will be at one of our hospitals. It beats having another $1500 bill.

Today I’m sick and I haven’t done shit for the past two days. It hit me like a ton of bricks last night and I think Aidan may have the funk, too. He has been crying and not eating and waking in the middle of the night. This started last week.

I bought Aidan some of those Wal-Mart brand Crocs in black and they are so cute on him. I hate them; I think they’re ugly. I do like Jess’ marlino (?) style ones that she has in pink. Now those are cute! I’d buy them in black, of course. Or maybe yellow.

Anyways. This is Aidan’s blog. Back to him.

There aren’t many new things to report as of late. He loves to give sugars and he waves bye everytime someone goes out the door (which he has been doing).

I think his developments/accomplishments have slowed down since he hasn’t been eating so much. His energy is low. I’ve been trying to make him plenty of food and different options, but nothing is working. Mayb I’ll look into getting some PediaSure.

It’s been on my mind a lot.

For the past few months, I have been wanting another child. As my regular readers know, I’ve talked about going back and forth between wanting one and settling with just one.

I saw a little bitty baby tonight at Wal-Mart and the sight of it’s teensie-weensie feetsie’s made me melt into a pile of mushy mommy right in the middle of the aisle. I told Mike I wanted one again and he smiled. He told Aidan tonight that he misses him being that small when they were revisiting the bouncy chairs.

Right now, we are struggling financially. Although, I wouldn’t have to pay more than $150ish to have doctor visits and to give birth, but what happens when we can’t afford diapers for it? Or food? Or if it has healthcare needs?

That doesn’t really matter when I want it so bad…I know things will work out. It would be nice if child support for my step-daughter was back to where it was or close to it.

Yesterday Aidan caught his first fish!! We were at my in-laws for Memorial day and we had a great time. Aidan enjoyed himself and was very well-behaved.

On the homefront, he has turned into a monkey. He wants to climb on everything! When I’m on my computer, he climbs up both rungs to get to me…without my help! This worries me, though, because this means new bumps and bruises and the possibility of even harder falls and pains.

This also means that we need to convert his crib from a crib into his toddler bed. *heavy sigh* On comes the worry in the middle of the night if he’s woken up and wandering around the house aimlessly, getting into who knows what and possibly getting hurt. I also worry that I won’t wake up when he does. We may just put up his gate in his doorway to at least keep him from walking through the house.

This all makes me nervous!

Aidan’s surgery.

We arrived bright and early at 6:30am to the surgery center and Aidan was ready to go!!

We we’re low on sleep and Aidan slept well enough to be bouncing off the walls. He seriously was bouncing all over the bed we had him on, he was clapping at the nurses and yelling out and growling at everybody!! He’s such an attention whore. 🙂 He loves to flirt, too.

We sat with him for about 30 minutes until the doctor got there and he went back. He was clinging to my neck like crazy, but he went fine once the nurse got him in her arms. I saw him when they went through the door; he was looking around checking everything out.

The surgery took about an hour and a half. Fortunately I wasn’t a wreck….not as bad as the night before. I think the shopping helped!! That and I had More, Now, Again by Elizabeth Wurtzel with me.

When he was done we went back and sat with him in the recovery room for about an hour. He was out of it and it made me so sad to see him in a hospital bed, under a hospital bankie with an IV in his arm. He awoke once and sat up all crazy-like. I grabbed him and held him. Later when he woke I gave him some juice because he was super-duper thirsty. We had to change his diaper before we could leave and so we saw what his penis looked like. It was swollen to about the size of a vienna sausage and was all purple and red from blood. It looked awful, but he’ll be better in the long run. We held him and loved on him until we left. The carseat was uncomfortable at first, but once we adjusted it to be loose around his crotch, he seemed at ease.

He slept the whole ride home. I almost slept until we stopped for lunch.

The whole day he slept off and on. He’d wake to cry every 10 minutes or so, poor thing. By 8pm, Aidan was ready to crawl all over the floor and he was rolling around in his playpen.

Since then he seems to be in less pain. Of course, whenever he pees it kills him. And me. I can’t stand to hear him cry like thaty and see him shaking from the pain.

Today I called in for work to come in this evening so I could help Mike out. I know how strenuous it would be on the mind to have to take care of him in his worst time. He should be feeling a lot better by this evening and tomorrow.

Night and day

Aidan slept through the night last night which was a relief considering that I’m now sick.

I figured out a couple of weeks ago that Aidan must be allergic to sweet potatoes and that’s what was causing the rash/blisters on his butt. Mike didn’t remember me relating it to the sweet potatoes and he semi-insisted that we try it again because he thought it may be something else.

I fought and fought since I’m with him 24/5.

I agreed, but only to the Corn and Sweet Potatoes mixed so that way it’s not as strong.


I fed them to him today and he has a bad rash now. I’m so over it. I hate seeing him in pain.

Aidan’s diet

For a short while, I tried to find a smaple of a daily menu for a baby who’s moving towards eating more solid foods. Aidan was to the point that he was eating a ridculous amount of jar food per week (somewhere around 30+) and was still hungry. I knew it was time to start incorporating more fulfilling foods, but I had no idea what!!

I failed at finding anything, but verybestbaby.com never lets me down. Their brochure/packet that I receive regularly in the mail always seems to have perfect timing when it arrives in my mailbox.

When they sent me that last one about a month or so ago, it had a menu and suggestions on what to feed.

First, it mentioned how I need to upgrade his formula from the Nestle Good Start DHA & ARA

to the Nestle Good Start 2 DHA & ARA:

It is cheaper than the previous by about $4 and provides extra iron and calcium my baby needs at his age. They need 9 times the average adult male at 9 months!!!

Next, they gave me a menu of what I should be serving him and mine was skimpy compared to this one.

It looks something like this:

Breakfast: 1/4-1/2 cup of cereal

1/4-1/2 cup of diced fruit

4-6 ozs. formula or breastmilk

Snack: 1/4 cup of apple juice (diluted with water 1:1)

1/4 cup diced cheese or cooked vegetables

Lunch: 1/4-1/2 cup yogurt or cottage cheese

1/4-1/2 cup cooked vegetables

4-6 ozs. breastmilk of formula

Snack: 1/4 cup 100% apple juice (diluted)

1/4 cup diced cheese or meat

1 cracker

Dinner: 1/4 cup diced poultry, meat or tofu

1/4-1/2 cup cooked vegetables

1/4-1/2 cup noodles, rice, pasta or potato

1/4 cup diced fruit

4-6 ozs. formula or breastmilk

Before bedtime: 6-8 ozs. breastmilk, formula or water (If formula or breastmilk, follow with water or wash teeth with damp cloth)


This list was created by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Sneaky little Devil!!

My son has been learning new things, non-stop!! Everytime I turn around, it seems, he’s doing something I’ve never seen him do before!!

Lately he chases me around the house anytime I whip out the broom to sweep. He runs after me in his little car with one arm extended, like he’s desperate to help. When he gets it, he starts shaking the broom against the floor like he’s trying to sweep. At least I know when he gets older he’s more prone to want to help me since he’s showing interest at such an early age!! 🙂

He also started clapping his hands together last week, but with one hand balled in a fist. Yesterday he started clapping with both hands open; I think he likes the sound it makes.

He also loves to play with our hair. He’s opposite of most kids: he’s very gentle with our hair. He likes to run his fingers through it and just let it dangle against his hands. It’s interesting.

We bought him a car on Sunday that is supposed to help him learn how to walk, however, it is so lightweight that it just takes off without him the moment he puts the slightest bit of weight into it. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work like that. It is also a little car that he can ride around as well. He’s quite the cootie (cutie) when he’s on it. He likes to try to prop his legs on the front so that he’s in the Indian style position.

And boy is he testing out those lungs and vocal chords!!!

When he eats, I guess it puts him in a good mood, because he gets hyper while he’s still in his chair. He flits his arms out and starts screaming at the top of his lungs!!!