Night and day

Aidan slept through the night last night which was a relief considering that I’m now sick.

I figured out a couple of weeks ago that Aidan must be allergic to sweet potatoes and that’s what was causing the rash/blisters on his butt. Mike didn’t remember me relating it to the sweet potatoes and he semi-insisted that we try it again because he thought it may be something else.

I fought and fought since I’m with him 24/5.

I agreed, but only to the Corn and Sweet Potatoes mixed so that way it’s not as strong.


I fed them to him today and he has a bad rash now. I’m so over it. I hate seeing him in pain.


Today I was the minority.

What a hectic day!!! Ahhh!

I just got home about 45 minutes ago. This is the first time I’ve gotten online.

I had to get the Mowery’s photos sorted out since they ordered for 3 families. That took a little while. Then I prepared to take Aidan to get his shots. 😐

I made the appointment at the Health Department because I discovered that they only charge $13.75 for all of his shots. If I went to his doctor, I would have had to pay a $30 copay (I believe).

We had to wait in the lobby for a while. At first, he was checking out all the kids and calm. Then he got comfortable and started jumping in my lap and talking up a storm. I felt guilty because I knew he was getting ready to be in pain and he didn’t.

While in the lobby, the majority of people were Mexicans. There were 3 white people including myself and 6 Mexican people (all with about 15 kids running around). I felt disgusted the whole time I was there because it just felt nasty in there. The windows were grimey and so were the floors. The chairs looked tattered and worn. Aidan’s pediatrician has a well building and a sick building. I LOVE that!!


Once we made it back to the office, she was preparing the needles and Aidan was looking at her like he knew what was coming. Poor baby had to get poked 5 times!! (I got the flu shot for him as well). He cried so hard that he saped and turned blood red. I started crying and kissing him on the head. As soon as she was done, I started to turn him around and cuddle. He turned himself around and held his arms up. As soon as I held him close, he stopped crying. Aww. 🙂

Then I told him, “She’s the mean person, not momma.” lol

She thought it was funny, too.

She told me that he’d be caught up in 6 months. Now I just hope that the pediatrician doesn’t recommend that we wait until then to have his surgery. The urologist doesn’t like to do it after they’re a year old. They can, they just prefer not to.

Guess I’ll call Aidan’s doctor next week and find out.

Since Aidan is too young for ice cream, I bought him a toy. He chose a xylophone!!


OK….so I went to Chattanooga today to get some pics printed up and I had fed Aidan before we left. About 20 minutes before they were done, he pooped. I sat down to change him (I’ll change him wherever I feel like it!!!) and discovered I had left the diaper bag in the car. Dammit!!

About 20 minutes later we got to the car and I changed him immediately. His butt was orange from the poop. (He had eaten sweet potatoes before we left). As I was gently wiping him, he started to gasp as if it was hurting. He wasn’t even red or anything. So I cleaned as best I could without doing further damage.

I got home and he woke up a short while later and when I went to change him, his butt was RED!!! Poor baby. So, now I know it’s the friggin’ sweet potatoes. No more!! I gave him a bath and let him let it all hang out for a little while. He seemed so relieved. Then I put a big glob of A&D on and he’s now napping.

I absolutely HATE when he gets chafed.

At least now I know.

Parent’s Choice diapers suck!!!

Last week I had to buy a cheaper brand of diapers – because I refuse to pay more than what I normally pay – and that was Wal-Mart’s Parent’s Choice brand. I normally buy White Cloud which works great!!

Since buying the PC brand, Aidan has had more leaks than ever!!!! I’ve had to change his outfit at least 3 times a day, no kidding. It’s not because I leave them on for lengthy time periods, it’s just because they suck. I normally change it every hour at least and when he’s asleep, I leave him to sleep in it. I’ve never had a problem with White Cloud.

So, I will never recommend these diapers, but I will recommend their cloth wipes. They are fantastic!!!

Note to self: If you need to, drive across town or buy the more expensive diapers!!

Mommies aren’t perfect. There’s no manual for motherhood.

Over the past few nights Aidan has woke up during the night – usually around 3 am – my guess is because he’s in pain from teething again. That, or because he’s not eating enough and not staying full through the night. He also had bad gas yesterday. Fart here. Fart there. Fart everywhere!

Well, I had gotten accustomed to sleeping through the night again. Suddenly I am awoken to have to tend to him. Not that I mind that at all, it’s just that it seems like forever to get him back to sleep. Really it isn’t, but because I’m not used to waking up again, I’m tired as hell when I do.

Last night I laid down to go to bed around midnight. Shortly after – like 15 minutes – just when I was getting comfy and asleep, he wakes up. I was very frustrated and shaky (you know when something startles you awake?).

Then he woke up again at like 4 am. Double whammy!! Man, was I tired. I was stumbling trying to get to the kitchen to make him some food and stuff. I was aggravated – not at Aidan – but at myself because it was like I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and fix it. And I didn’t want to ask Mike for help because he has to work; I don’t. I never want to bother him because he works long, rough hours. I don’t want to put my job off on him because I’m tired.

But….sometimes I’ll need help. Motherhood can be very exhausting and demanding, especially when your child is ill. Children get ill when teething. It’s painful and can cause fever, coughing, etc. I’m very fortunate that he’s never been sick from a virus or anything horrible like that.

Tylenol takes care of what we’ve gone through.

Back to my night. So I fed Aidan a bowl of rice and a bottle!! In the middle of the night. He slept until about 7:15am-ish when  put him in bed with me. Then we slept until 9am. There’s nothing better than cuddling with my child. Not even sex!!

This morning, Mike and I talked about last night and I broke down. I have a hard time asking for help with things…especially when I know how to do them.

There’s no manual on motherhood, so what you may do one day, may not work the next. Clearly I must change his eating habits and increase his intake.

He poops so much, too. I promise I change his diaper every hour and when he poops, immediately, but he’s still getting diaper rashes regularly. This is his first one in a couple of weeks or so. I think it’s the sweet potatoes that make him poop. It turns his butt red and it smells differently which signifies a chemical change which is what is burning his butt.

Poor baby. He cries when I try to clean him. I plan to just wash him when he poops.

Look at my rocking baby in his Misfits onesie and motorcycle boots!!


and on this farm he had a big boy!!

Last night I made Baked Dijon Chicken, Italian pasta salad (rigatoni pasta) and cream corn. It was so delicious!!! The chicken was a little uncooked in the center, because it comes so thick in the package, that my cooking times are off. Regardless, it was a nice meal. We have lots of leftovers!! We still have ziti left over from Monday.

I’m so excited about my etsy shop!!! I’ve had lots of views in only a short amount of time; more than I anticipated. I really can not wait to make more paintings!! My plan is to finish all the canvases that I have at the moment, which is 5. I have so many ideas that are bursting in my brain!! I’ve had to write them all down so I don’t overwhelm myself and forget when it comes down to it.

Aidan has done really well in his developments!! He has surpassed all expectations: mine and’s!!! In the past 2 weeks he has said his first word (bye-bye) and two more additional ones: da-da and ma-ma. I think he’s also trying to say ke-ke, like kitty kitty. Accoring to the site, he should be doing this in the upcoming month!!

Everything that he is supposed to accomplish in his 9th month, he has already done…and mostly this week!! From

This month, Baby may begin to:

Respond to simple requests (such as “Give Mommy the toy”).Use consonants, as she begins saying “Mama” or “Dada.”

Learn and say one other word besides “Mama” or “Dada.”

Pivot in a circle as her coordination continues to develop and her muscles strengthen.

Feed herself, although she may be a bit messy.Manipulate tiny objects like peas and pieces of cereal between her thumb and forefinger.

Drop toys on purpose to watch them fall and then look for them.

This is a sign that Baby is curious about how she can affect the objects around her.

Has developed the instinct to bounce to music.

Begin to point and poke with her index finger as a sign of her growing curiosity.

He has done all of these except feed himself (only because I’m hesitant to do so because of the mess, lol). He also started pulling himself up this past week. He responds to commands, like Mike will open his mouth and Aidan puts his finger in for Mike to gum. He also pauses and watches me as I sing Old McDonald. That’s the one song that will stop him in his tracks. He also picked a piece of plastic up (which I took) between his forefinger and thumb and was staring at it in deep thought!

I’m such a proud momma!!

I took Jess’ advice and tried out her recommendation of Parents Choice Real Cloth Wipes and have seen amazing results. I was using Huggies Cocoa & Shea Butter which are much rougher than the new ones. Even grabbing them in the pack, they feel like a brick in comparison to the PC wipes. Aidan has been easily irritated nearly every time I cleaned him and I thought I was just being too rough, but it was the wipes. His butt hasn’t been red at all for a week now!! Thanks Jess!!!!

Hush little baby don’t say a word…

More sleep troubles.

For the past few nights Aidan has gone to sleep around 9pm and woke around 11:30-12am screaming/crying. I now know – well, am sure – that that’s from his two little teeth coming in!

He just isn’t sleeping through the night. He just turned 7 months 3 days ago and still has the same sleep pattern he’s had for several months. He’s pulled a few all-nighters, but not become regular at it. Isn’t it time??

I just wonder if I’m feeding him enough. Here’s his regular day as far as consumption goes:

  • He eats a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, then will drink a little formula before going to sleep for a nap.
  • For lunch, he has 2 jars of food: one fruit and one vegetables. He’ll have a little formula before napping.
  • For dinner he eats a bowl of brown rice and a little formula before napping.
  • His last meal is a bottle of formula with rice in it.

Since I came to the conclusion that he needs a little more food, I started giving him a jar of breakfast food (BeechNut Good Morning brand) with his oatmeal, giving him a little less oatmeal. I also added a jar of fruit when he eats his bowl of rice for dinner, giving him a little less rice.

Does this sound like too much, not enough, just right?? Input please!!!