What happened with the Halloween spirit??

Tonight we went over to Mike’s parent’s old house to visit briefly. We showed off Aidan in his Devil outfit….he was so wickedly cute!! (I’ll post pics later)

We got back home so we could have out the treats to the trick-or-treaters. Well, it took a while for anyone to show up. We got back around 8pm. I was beginning to think that they were done.  Finally we got our first kiddos. They were tweens. And they were rude tweens: they never even said “trick or treat?” Plus they had grocery bags.

I let that slide….but I did complain to Mike. Well, our second set of tweens/kids were no better. The first one was fine, then the girl walked up and was on the phone and never said one word to me, just held out her bag.


I only had 3 rounds of kids come and the last one was a joy. It was a large family or group and there were several little kids that were oh-so-cute and they all said “trick or treat?!” with such enthusiasm, then politely said thank you when all was said and done.

That made my night. I kept my door open until 10 and that was it. 2 years ago I had a ton of kids!! I think I just started late this year. 😦


Today I was the minority.

What a hectic day!!! Ahhh!

I just got home about 45 minutes ago. This is the first time I’ve gotten online.

I had to get the Mowery’s photos sorted out since they ordered for 3 families. That took a little while. Then I prepared to take Aidan to get his shots. 😐

I made the appointment at the Health Department because I discovered that they only charge $13.75 for all of his shots. If I went to his doctor, I would have had to pay a $30 copay (I believe).

We had to wait in the lobby for a while. At first, he was checking out all the kids and calm. Then he got comfortable and started jumping in my lap and talking up a storm. I felt guilty because I knew he was getting ready to be in pain and he didn’t.

While in the lobby, the majority of people were Mexicans. There were 3 white people including myself and 6 Mexican people (all with about 15 kids running around). I felt disgusted the whole time I was there because it just felt nasty in there. The windows were grimey and so were the floors. The chairs looked tattered and worn. Aidan’s pediatrician has a well building and a sick building. I LOVE that!!


Once we made it back to the office, she was preparing the needles and Aidan was looking at her like he knew what was coming. Poor baby had to get poked 5 times!! (I got the flu shot for him as well). He cried so hard that he saped and turned blood red. I started crying and kissing him on the head. As soon as she was done, I started to turn him around and cuddle. He turned himself around and held his arms up. As soon as I held him close, he stopped crying. Aww. 🙂

Then I told him, “She’s the mean person, not momma.” lol

She thought it was funny, too.

She told me that he’d be caught up in 6 months. Now I just hope that the pediatrician doesn’t recommend that we wait until then to have his surgery. The urologist doesn’t like to do it after they’re a year old. They can, they just prefer not to.

Guess I’ll call Aidan’s doctor next week and find out.

Since Aidan is too young for ice cream, I bought him a toy. He chose a xylophone!!

2nd grader suspended???

I have an RSS feed from MSNBC on my desktop and noticed a title that stunned me.

A second grade kid was suspended from school for drawing a stick figure shooting a gun. Now why did they feel the need to suspend him?? I just wonder if they attempted to have the guidance counselor talk to him about this, or if they jumped the gun (no pun intended).

A second grader is usually about 7 or 8 years old. It can be disturbing that your 7 year old is drawing something like that, but suspending him for it is not going to be very effective. In fact, isn’t this a way of sweeping it under the rug.

I believe that our schools are just so quick to punish and ignore rather than acknowledge and understand.

There’s nothing wrong with being proactive, but I think they should have responded differently. I think the guidance counselor should have talked with the kid, then sent the kid home to talk to the parents about it…maybe even scheduled a parent conference within a few days about what kind of follow up plan will be set in place (i.e. close supervision, etc).

I know a lot of kids problems start at home – actually, I think it ALL starts at home. In our society today, things have advanced and only gotten worse for our kids as far as what they feel they need to be like to be accepted. Do I have an iPod? DoI have a cell phone? Am I on myspace? Do I wear bootcut, skinny jeans or highwaters? Are my pants low enough? Am I tough enough? Blah, blah, blah.

I know we all dealt with the same things when we were younger, but I think to a lesser degree. Kids nowadays have gotten more involved in things they shouldn’t be involved in, therefore they use this as ammo against others as to whether or not they’re cool. I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 18. I didn’t get my first computer until I was 18. I never thought about gangs when I was a kid. I still don’t have an iPod.

I guess if I was a kid now, I’d be perceived as the poorest, dorkiest kid for not fitting in.

It does all start at home in teaching your kids morals and values and also earning their respect and giving them the love they need and certainly deserve. If you have this, then you are doing great!! You always add a little more to the recipe of a good kid. There’s no perfect child; you must accept that they’ll do wrong, but it should not outweigh the good. When they steer wrong, then you help them out, don’t lash out.

I think this school lashed out. Shame on them.

Why I didn’t put my baby in daycare:

Last week I heard on the news about a baby at a daycare that was discovered to have been put in a dark room with it’s paci taped with packaging tape over it’s mouth.

I would be going to jail for beating the living shit out of somebody. This happened not too far from my hometown, in Jefferson City.

You know when I talked to people about why I refused to put Aidan in daycare after maternity leave, they always told me the same thing, you know that it doesn’t happen that often; it’s not every daycare….blah, blah. Well, maybe that’s true, but what about all of the abuse/neglect that we don’t hear about; that we don’t ever know happens?? I’m not willing to take that chance. Ever.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have absolutely no control over what happens to you in any way shape or form. babies don’t know to scream for help. They don’t know that what’s being done to them is wrong.

If you’re a parent, picture the look on your baby’s face whenever they have their paci in and they give you that baffled, cute look. Now imagine it happening when someone’s taping up their mouth. How can anyone treat babies so horribly?? I mean you have to be sick to do such a thing.

Before Aidan was born, I was flippant on the idea of putting him in daycare. After he came along, I knew I never wanted to take any risks of putting him in danger.

Plus, I didn’t want his first word, first step, etc with other people. I wanted it to be with either Mike or I. Fortunately my job was able to help me out with this and I took a PRN position and they’ve worked me practically every weekend what I asked for: Saturday mornings to Sunday evenings. I stay overnight, then come home the next day for Mike to prepare for bed and go to work the next day.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, that is unless I am able to quit work and just do photography.


I absolutely love when I pick Aidan up and he lays his head on my shoulder and wraps his arms around my neck. Sometimes he does it without laying his head down. Regardless…..I LOVE it!!

He also likes playing with my hair, especially when he’s trying to fall asleep in my arms. He’ll let it run through his fingers over and over. It’s sweet. It’s almost as if it’s calming for him.

And whenever he gets upset and starts to cry, he’ll do the “Ahhh-mom-mom-mommaaaa” thing. He always wants his momma. I was somewhere yesterday and a little boy started crying and saying, “I want my mommy” as his dad was carrying him off to the bathroom or wherever. I thought to myself, “That’s going to be Aidan.” Such a momma’s boy already!!

I don’t mind.

Attn: MOMS!! Infants Medicine pulled from shelves

I received a very welcoming email from my friend Holly today:

Yahoo News announce that certain childrens medicines are being pulled from shelves for their risk to infants.

Read more here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071011/ap_on_he_me/cold_medicine_removal

I use the Concentrated Drops by Equate that is the generic version of Tylenol. I’m guessing that the generic brands apply as well. I’ve continued to give it to Aidan, I just keep a close eye on how often I administer it to him and if he seems to be having any kind of overdose-type symptoms.

He’s teething – he needs something!

Parent’s Choice diapers suck!!!

Last week I had to buy a cheaper brand of diapers – because I refuse to pay more than what I normally pay – and that was Wal-Mart’s Parent’s Choice brand. I normally buy White Cloud which works great!!

Since buying the PC brand, Aidan has had more leaks than ever!!!! I’ve had to change his outfit at least 3 times a day, no kidding. It’s not because I leave them on for lengthy time periods, it’s just because they suck. I normally change it every hour at least and when he’s asleep, I leave him to sleep in it. I’ve never had a problem with White Cloud.

So, I will never recommend these diapers, but I will recommend their cloth wipes. They are fantastic!!!

Note to self: If you need to, drive across town or buy the more expensive diapers!!