Sucks to be sick

Aidan and I are both sick. I’ve been in bed all day today and he has been up and running about, so I don’t think he has been hit as hard as I have. He still doesn’t look that good, though. He is pale and has red splotches under his eyes, he doesn’t eat much and he has snot caked all over his face. He’s been having thick strands of snot coming out of his nose all day. When we wipe his nose, they string out and we have to keep pulling on it because it is so long. He pitches a fit and doesn’t like for us to wipe his nose.

Anyways. I’m taking him to see his doctor tomorrow to hopefully get him some antibiotics and some other medicine to help him get better. I can’t afford to go, so I just got some medicine I know works: Tylenol Cold Severe.


Roll the dough. Make the big cookies!

I am thoroughly please with my weight loss/baby belly progress. I haven’t really committed myself to any kind of exercise routine, I’ve just changed my diet.

As those of you who keep up with this on a regular basis know, I decided to return to the 5 small meals a day eating plan and I’ve been pretty consistent with it. It’s much harder to do when I’m at work and there’s a nice big meal prepared for you.

But, beacause of this commitment (for the most part), I have continued to lose my baby weight. I still have a small belly flab (not really flab, just loose skin that sticks out a smidge), but it’s nothing in comparison to after I had Aidan. I have lost 25 lbs in the past year by doing this. I actually didn’t change my diet until summer time, so a little less than a year. I’m sure it would have gone away twice as fast had I coupled it with an exercise plan. I actually wanted to get rid of the belly flab some before trying to tone it up.

Now I’m in a good palce where if I do sit-ups and crunches, it probably won’t look distorted and I’ll actually SEE progress whereas I probably wouldn’t have under all of that flab still.

I think the reason I still have a small bulge is because my abdominal wall is still loose from being stretched so much. I’m sure it will take no time at all to get my flat stomach back now….probably a couple of solid weeks of working out!!!

I’m excited.

Crib question.

I had read to not use a bumper pad around your baby’s crib because they could roll into it and suffocate. And when baby is old enough to pull himself up in his crib, you should not have a bumper pad because they could use it as leverage to go over the rail.

Anyone else take heed to these warnings? Anyone encountered problems with their bumper pads? I’m open to all feedback.

I can understand what they are warning, I’m just curious if anyone has had these problems.

Another thing about cribs:

Simplicity’s 3-in-1 style cribs (or 4-in-1 – whatever) are being recalled because the side that drops is malfunctioning and dropping easily. If I can find the info, I’ll post it. Mine is a simplicity, but not the model number (of many) being recalled. I will get the 800 number as well tomorrow so you can call and check.

Yum yum! Nutrition!

I received another pamphlet/booklet from Nestle: Very Best Baby. They always send coupons for formula and helpful info. This time they sent info on how much and what baby should be eating from 9-12 months. I have been trying to find an example of a meal for a while now.

Now I know.

I also know that at this time in their live, baby needs 9 TIMES more calcium and iron than an adult male!!!!!

In this, they recommended that I start on the Good Start 2 formula because it provides that. We also started adding new foods to his diet: cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and crackers. We had started giving him teething biscuits a couple of weeks ago and he’s just now getting used to them. He doesn’t like the cheese and I’m giving him cottage cheese today, so we’ll see how that goes. He loves the yogurt!

I’m excited about feeding him new things!! It makes me feel even more like a mom. I like that he relies on me to cut up his food and feed him good things. I can tell that he’s excited about it, despite the semi-sour faces he makes when he tries that first bite.

Being a mom has been the best experience ever. I am glad that I am able to live a healthy, happy life with my wonderful family.

Lift!…and pull!

Today Aidan and I went and played on his rug – as usual – and I decided that it was time for him to start learning/practicing how to pull himself up.

I put him in his crib and he immediately started doing it as if he’s done it for a while now. Hmmm…..maybe when I think he’s going to sleep, he’s secretly practicing new ways to make mommy smile!!!

He has also learned that knobs pull things open. He can open the kitchen cabinets (but they bump into his car stroller) and he opened his drawer in his room while crawling around. He then tried to grab the sides to keep pulling, but leaned into it and pinched one of his fingers. Ouch!

So, he can now pull up, but can’t sit up from a laying position. :\

Another development I’ve noticed is that when I’m changing his outfit, I let him play with something to keep him occupied and to keep him from pitching a fit. Well, when I’m trying to put his arms through, he knows to switch the item from hand-to-hand so I can do this!!

My baby rocks!

Weight loss progress #2

Since last time I weighed myself, which I think was 2 weekends ago, I have lost 4 lbs!!!! (*Edit: It was actually 12 days ago). I now weigh 139 lbs.!

It’s very noticeable, too! My pants that I wore before I was pregnant are fitting better and some are actually getting somewhat baggy!! I can comfortable wear my favorite blue jeans now!! I don’t ever want to take them off. I love it.