Poor baby.

I bought Aidan some footie pajamas the other day and for the past two nights he has worn both of them. I noticed that he was tugging at the neck and he kept unzipping them. I just thought it was because he hasn’t really gotten used to them again.

This morning when I took them off, I noticed he had a bad rash that goes all across his belly, back and neck. Poor punkin. I called his doctor to see what would be best for him. I love his doctor because the nurses will tell you over the phone the best way to deal with something that can be taken care of without a visit. They told me to give him some Benadryl so I have to go and get it.

Hopefully it goes away soon and doesn’t come back after I wash them. He has super-sensitive skin like me, so I feel for him.

Aside from that, we decided on what to get him for xmas: we are going to buy him an electric lawnmower/tractor. He loves riding the lawnmower with Mike and sometimes alone (attended of course).

I replaced his tub toy holder because it never stuck to the wall and was getting icky with soap build up. I decided to get a basket for the towel shelf. We are going to dab the toys dry and keep them in it. It looks so nice and fits perfectly on the shelf.


I have added a few videos to his account: vimeo.com/ajillofalltrades


Teething….ahhh my aching everything!!

I am so tired. Aidan has been very need. He is getting heavier and my back can’t take it.

I think he is now around having 8 or more teeth coming in at once. He won’t let me look in, but I try to sneak a peek when I’m changing him or whenever he’s smiling at me and being silly.

I think he may just be getting the rest in all at once, which would mean there are 12 coming in. I don’t see 12, but it certainly looks like his whole gumline is red and white. I can defnitely see 8 coming in, though.

I hope to get it all over with at once. I don’t know how much longer I can take this whiney, needy, refuse-to-go-to-sleep behavior!!!

Next week I’ll talk about potty training! woohoo

Me likee!

I weighed myself at work this past weekend and I am now at my pre-Aidan weight!! (which means I lost another pound). I am so excited!!!

I have actually put on muscle and trimmed up, so I look even smaller. My slim, curvy waist is back!! Now if I can just wipe away the stretch marks around my belly button. I think they’ll go away as soon as I do sit-ups and get my abdomen tightened back up. They are barely visible.

Go me!

Weight Update

My most recent weight update bears really good news!!

I’m only 1 lb. away from my pre-baby weight!!!!!!!

I am so excited and very pleased with my progress. I’m still not doing exercises, just watching what I eat and how much. I’m no longer doing the 5 small meals a day thing, I’m just eating when I’m hungry. At work, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific times everyday, and it’s hard not eating when the food is good because my in-between meals were just oat bars and cereal usually because I had nothing else. And the oat bars were stopping me up.

So anyways. I’m now 135 lbs and shooting to lose another 13 lbs. Let’s see how long it takes me. Maybe I’ll switch up my diet and add a ton more water than I’m drinking to help flush me out. I will drink less Mello Yellos as I have increased on those again. And I will continue eating as I have been, maybe eating smaller portions since I still eat bigger than what I should be considering that I don’t burn many calories off during the day.

I’ll keep you updated!

It’s been on my mind a lot.

For the past few months, I have been wanting another child. As my regular readers know, I’ve talked about going back and forth between wanting one and settling with just one.

I saw a little bitty baby tonight at Wal-Mart and the sight of it’s teensie-weensie feetsie’s made me melt into a pile of mushy mommy right in the middle of the aisle. I told Mike I wanted one again and he smiled. He told Aidan tonight that he misses him being that small when they were revisiting the bouncy chairs.

Right now, we are struggling financially. Although, I wouldn’t have to pay more than $150ish to have doctor visits and to give birth, but what happens when we can’t afford diapers for it? Or food? Or if it has healthcare needs?

That doesn’t really matter when I want it so bad…I know things will work out. It would be nice if child support for my step-daughter was back to where it was or close to it.

Yesterday Aidan caught his first fish!! We were at my in-laws for Memorial day and we had a great time. Aidan enjoyed himself and was very well-behaved.

On the homefront, he has turned into a monkey. He wants to climb on everything! When I’m on my computer, he climbs up both rungs to get to me…without my help! This worries me, though, because this means new bumps and bruises and the possibility of even harder falls and pains.

This also means that we need to convert his crib from a crib into his toddler bed. *heavy sigh* On comes the worry in the middle of the night if he’s woken up and wandering around the house aimlessly, getting into who knows what and possibly getting hurt. I also worry that I won’t wake up when he does. We may just put up his gate in his doorway to at least keep him from walking through the house.

This all makes me nervous!

Roll the dough. Make the big cookies!

I am thoroughly please with my weight loss/baby belly progress. I haven’t really committed myself to any kind of exercise routine, I’ve just changed my diet.

As those of you who keep up with this on a regular basis know, I decided to return to the 5 small meals a day eating plan and I’ve been pretty consistent with it. It’s much harder to do when I’m at work and there’s a nice big meal prepared for you.

But, beacause of this commitment (for the most part), I have continued to lose my baby weight. I still have a small belly flab (not really flab, just loose skin that sticks out a smidge), but it’s nothing in comparison to after I had Aidan. I have lost 25 lbs in the past year by doing this. I actually didn’t change my diet until summer time, so a little less than a year. I’m sure it would have gone away twice as fast had I coupled it with an exercise plan. I actually wanted to get rid of the belly flab some before trying to tone it up.

Now I’m in a good palce where if I do sit-ups and crunches, it probably won’t look distorted and I’ll actually SEE progress whereas I probably wouldn’t have under all of that flab still.

I think the reason I still have a small bulge is because my abdominal wall is still loose from being stretched so much. I’m sure it will take no time at all to get my flat stomach back now….probably a couple of solid weeks of working out!!!

I’m excited.