Half a decade and some months since the last update.

Nope, it hasn’t been over 5 years since my last update.

Aidan turned 5 last month! We celebrated his last birthday in Tennessee at Chuck E Cheese’s with Aidan’s Pappaw Ben, Granma Janet and Mammaw. We had fun as usual and we ate lots of yummy cheese pizza. It was SUPER busy there as it was a Friday, so I felt uncomfortable and didn’t play as much.

We also celebrated his birthday with his friends at school. I figured we’d celebrate with cake there so that I wouldn’t have any to take home. πŸ˜‰ Like I need cake lying around my house….pfft. Here is a photo of all of his classmates singing happy birthday to him. ❀

Aidan is 42″ tall and 41.5 lbs. I know this because he is sick again and we had to go to the doctor last Monday. He has been sick 5 times since September, having ear infections and some kind of respiratory and sinus crud. Poor fellow just can’t get a break. His doctor will be checking him on Monday to see if the antibiotics are getting rid of the infection or if it’s just getting better then coming back. I guess that will determine if he needs tubes or not.

Also, I discovered several weeks ago that Aidan has a leak down there (from his previous surgeries). When he would pee, a drop would come out of where his other hole was. We visited his urologist in Knoxville and scheduled a surgery. I even showed him the videos I had recorded of it (which they wanted for educational purposes).

Last week, I was watching him pee and noticed there was no drip. So I made sure to watch over the next few days when he would let me and there was no more dripping. I called his doctor to see if it was possible to heal on it’s own. He said that there is a 5% chance, but after seeing the videos, he says he is sure that that would be highly unlikely for Aidan.

I am stuck in a pickle because I want to get that over with before he gets any older- and especially before we move – but at the same time, if he has to have tubes, I don’t want him having multiple surgeries so close together, nor will I think they would allow that. His surgery is rescheduled for the 23rd and I am still keeping a watch on his urination and so far he has no leakage. Hopefully on Monday his doctor will give us good news about his ear infection so that I have one less thing to worry about.


After the messy holidays…

We survuved another year of the dreaded winter holidays. 2010 is upon us and honestly can not wait to see what happens over the next year. I hope for prosperity and success in all our endeavors, no matter how challenging they may be. Surely it won’t be any worse than the past 2 years.

Aidan will be 3 in less than a month. He has grown so much in the past few months. And I don’t mean in height, I mean developmentally. He can communicate so much better now so any frustration over those barriers is now gone. He seems more relaxed and OK with being on his own (which will be good for when he starts pre-school).

I haven’t looked into pre-school, but I am ready to. I will probably start figuring things out in the next month. For now I am focusing on balancing my work and my responsibilities as a mother and wife. Instead of being so focused on the details, I’m trying to step back and look at the bigger picture. It helps me to relax when I do this.

I want to pass this on to Aidan. He is already anxious: he likes to pick at scabs and other things he does. I don’t want him to feel like he lives in a chaotic and busy house. I want it to be comfortable and a relaxing environment to him.

That is my promise to him for this new year.

I love you Aidan!!

Taking a break

So we decided to tak a break from potty training.

I think changing his bedtime/naptime routine was a little stressful for him – well, for all of us – and so it affected his potty training progress. That became very frustrating for me and I felt like it was a failure of mine or that I wasn’t doing something right (I know, I know…MY issues). In return, he was seeking reactions from me by peeing everywhere he wasn’t supposed to.
So now we are on a break. Hopefully it’s s brief one. During this time we are going to go back to his normal nap routine, but try to allow him shorter naps in hopes that he still goes to bed at a decent time.
Fingers crossed.

Rest easy.

About 2 weeks ago I bought Aidan a new toddler bed. I was tired of using his 4-in-1 crib because it was high off the ground (higher than I’d like). I was walking through Walmart doing my regular shopping and was in the baby section. They are currently renovating my Walmart and so the beds were next to the toys.

I saw a new toddler bed that I HAD to have. It was wood and a dark stain. It looked great in the picture and I could see it in his room and something that is very flexible with different colors as he grows older. I imagine he can use it until he’s at least 5 or 6.

I don’t have a picture, but I will soon.

At this same time we decided to start changing his daily routine. It was a pretty big overhaul. Normally he would wake up around 9:30am then nap about 3 hours during the day, usually from 2-5pm. This put him in bed late every night, but he wouldn’t go to sleep any earlier than 1:30pm usually.

So because he always seemed wired and playful around naptime, I decided to see if he would just stay up the rest of the day and incorporate an earlier bedtime into his routine. Stacie says her daughter rarely takes naps, so I figured it was worth the try. I thought that if he slept from 9pm until 9am that would be fabulous!!

So far so good! He has been crashing around 9pm every night and waking up between 8 and 9am. This gives Mike and I time with each other from 9 until our bedtime. It is SO nice! The only thing that sucks is not having free time during the day and it can be more exhausting not having that break from him, but I’ve actually found that around 4pm he starts bogging down and chilling on his own so he isn’t a wild beast Β to tame.

It’s working out very well.

Aidan and Sadie’s play date

Today we went to visit Sorayah, Sadie and Emmaline. We had a great time catching up and watching the kids play with nearly every toy Sadie owns!! lol And come to think of it now, we should have helped pick them up before we left. Sorayah, you have to forgive me as I’m new to the whole playdate thing. Sadie and one other little boy are the only two near his age that he has ever played with.

So the whole time we were there I really felt worried about whether Aidan would try to hit Sadie or just be aggressive with her. He isn’t normally a violent child or anything, it’s just that he doesn’t interact with any kids his age. I know we need to subject him to more toddlers for the sake of socialization skills, but we just don’t have any friends close who have toddlers. And I’m always worried about other kids at the park being snotty or …aggressive… with him. I know that he is a kid – and a boy at that – and they are in the learning process, but I just don’t want him to be one of those bullies or mean kids that doesn’t like to share. So I was on edge worrying if he was going to try and do something not so nice. And there were a couple of times that he wasn’t so nice. I think it’s because when he has a toy he is attatched to, he doesn’t want to detach from it for no reason. And if you try to get him to give it up, he pitches a fit. Also, if it’s a toy he is really enjoying, he wants to play with it until he decides he’s over it.

Now I know that boys are generally less sensitive and more physical during playtime and I try to keep that in mind, but it just sucks when your kid smacks another kid younger than him. And a girl at that. I really do need to expose him to more kids his age. I wish we could afford daycare or a babysitter with other kids.

Overall he behaved really well. He actually did share his “on touch with” toy with Sadie as I saw him give it to her once. πŸ™‚ It was a new environment with new toys and he explored every bit of it. It really didn’t take him long to warm up and Sadie was the perfect host. She let Aidan play with any toy he wanted and from what Sorayah says, this is not something she is likely to do.

What was great was the two times Aidan said a couple of words I’ve never really heard him say, much less lable something with. He picked up Sadie’s palstic eggplant and started to hand it to Sorayah and said, “puwple.” I was astonished along with Sorayah. Then later on he was pointing at something on a toy and said, “bue.” He was saying blue. I am very impressed. Too bad he won’t let mama in on his knowledge while at home.

And something I was also impressed with were some of the toys Sadie had. She had some cute wooden toys from Target that would velcro together and kids could pretend to cut them apart. She had loaves of bread, eggs and Aidan’s favorite: the pizza! I decided since he liked them so much, we stopped on the way home and bought him some even though they were in the girl aisle. They just didn’t have the pizza at all. 😦 The only bad thing is that they are a little pricey, but worth it since they are wood and really good quality. Plus, he loves them so how can you argue with that??

I hope that the next time I can learn to relax and just let kids be kids. Now that Sorayah is closer, we will have more opportunities!

Here are some photos from the day:

The three of us.

The three of us.

They both wanted to eat the plastic hotdogs!

They both wanted to eat the plastic hotdogs!

Sadie and I.

Sadie and I.

Sweet bebes!

Sweet bebes!

Quit hittin’ yourself! Quit hittin’ yourself!

I know I don’t start out this blog on a serious note when my title is a quote from a Jim Carrey movie (I think one of the Ace Ventura’s), but this is serious.

My son has recently started hitting himself in the head. He will slap his whole hand, palm down on his eye or the top of his head whenever we redirect him or tell him no. There have been sometimes where he has poked himself rather hard on his head. Tonight as Mike was trying to get him to lay down on the couch, he started banging his head against the arm of the couch (which is not too soft). I know this may be part of his terrible two tantrums, but I don’t want him to think that this is the way to deal with his frustration or stress.

I guess all we can do is stop banging our heads against the wall so he knows it isn’t OK. After all, most of what kids learn comes from home, right? Although he did watch a 3 or 4 year old lay in the middle of Walmart and pitch a fit the other day.

He is currently laying in his daddy’s arms playing with Mike’s hair. THAT…is his solace. A healthy one, anyways.

Falling out of the bed.

As I posted a couple of days ago (I think), I decided that Aidan’s 2nd birthday would come with two “big boy” decisions:

  1. We would no longer give him a paci (once we could hide them).
  2. We would convert his bed to his toddler bed.


The paci thing hasn’t really worked. He still does that whine when he really wants it. And I can’t handle that so I have to plug him up.

I converted his crib to a bed and that night he fell out of it in the middle of the night. He also didn’t sleep well at all. I guess because he scoots himself to the head of his bed during the night, so he was probably bumping his head without the bumper padding.


We are going today to look for better bed rails in hopes that we can keep his toddler bed. If not, then it’s back to the crib. Sadly.