Lift!…and pull!

Today Aidan and I went and played on his rug – as usual – and I decided that it was time for him to start learning/practicing how to pull himself up.

I put him in his crib and he immediately started doing it as if he’s done it for a while now. Hmmm…..maybe when I think he’s going to sleep, he’s secretly practicing new ways to make mommy smile!!!

He has also learned that knobs pull things open. He can open the kitchen cabinets (but they bump into his car stroller) and he opened his drawer in his room while crawling around. He then tried to grab the sides to keep pulling, but leaned into it and pinched one of his fingers. Ouch!

So, he can now pull up, but can’t sit up from a laying position. :\

Another development I’ve noticed is that when I’m changing his outfit, I let him play with something to keep him occupied and to keep him from pitching a fit. Well, when I’m trying to put his arms through, he knows to switch the item from hand-to-hand so I can do this!!

My baby rocks!


Sugar, baby!

While we were laying in bed playing this morning, Aidan pulled himself up from laying down and he was able to get in an upright, sitting position!!

Woohoo! He’s growing so fast.

Yesterday we were looking in the mirror and I told him to give himself sugar, then I kissed the mirror to show him how. He leaned over and put his nose against the mirror. (That’s how he gives sugars!) How sweet!!

After his daddy came home, he gave him sugars galore! This was the first time I was even able to show Mike how he gives sugar, let alone him actually give it to him.

He’s the sweetest boy ever!!

For the past few days he’ been chewing on his fingers again, to the left side of his mouth. Signs of teething again!! He already has 3!!! Poor baby. He hasn’t been sleeping through the night lately because of it, I’m sure.

and on this farm he had a big boy!!

Last night I made Baked Dijon Chicken, Italian pasta salad (rigatoni pasta) and cream corn. It was so delicious!!! The chicken was a little uncooked in the center, because it comes so thick in the package, that my cooking times are off. Regardless, it was a nice meal. We have lots of leftovers!! We still have ziti left over from Monday.

I’m so excited about my etsy shop!!! I’ve had lots of views in only a short amount of time; more than I anticipated. I really can not wait to make more paintings!! My plan is to finish all the canvases that I have at the moment, which is 5. I have so many ideas that are bursting in my brain!! I’ve had to write them all down so I don’t overwhelm myself and forget when it comes down to it.

Aidan has done really well in his developments!! He has surpassed all expectations: mine and’s!!! In the past 2 weeks he has said his first word (bye-bye) and two more additional ones: da-da and ma-ma. I think he’s also trying to say ke-ke, like kitty kitty. Accoring to the site, he should be doing this in the upcoming month!!

Everything that he is supposed to accomplish in his 9th month, he has already done…and mostly this week!! From

This month, Baby may begin to:

Respond to simple requests (such as “Give Mommy the toy”).Use consonants, as she begins saying “Mama” or “Dada.”

Learn and say one other word besides “Mama” or “Dada.”

Pivot in a circle as her coordination continues to develop and her muscles strengthen.

Feed herself, although she may be a bit messy.Manipulate tiny objects like peas and pieces of cereal between her thumb and forefinger.

Drop toys on purpose to watch them fall and then look for them.

This is a sign that Baby is curious about how she can affect the objects around her.

Has developed the instinct to bounce to music.

Begin to point and poke with her index finger as a sign of her growing curiosity.

He has done all of these except feed himself (only because I’m hesitant to do so because of the mess, lol). He also started pulling himself up this past week. He responds to commands, like Mike will open his mouth and Aidan puts his finger in for Mike to gum. He also pauses and watches me as I sing Old McDonald. That’s the one song that will stop him in his tracks. He also picked a piece of plastic up (which I took) between his forefinger and thumb and was staring at it in deep thought!

I’m such a proud momma!!

I took Jess’ advice and tried out her recommendation of Parents Choice Real Cloth Wipes and have seen amazing results. I was using Huggies Cocoa & Shea Butter which are much rougher than the new ones. Even grabbing them in the pack, they feel like a brick in comparison to the PC wipes. Aidan has been easily irritated nearly every time I cleaned him and I thought I was just being too rough, but it was the wipes. His butt hasn’t been red at all for a week now!! Thanks Jess!!!!

uh oh!!

As I was cutting up brownies I had just baked, Aidan made a funny grunt as he was bouncing in his chair. It was disgruntled sound, as if he was in distress or something. It was just different and I picked up on that.

I went into the living room to check on him – I don’t usually leave him alone in it too long – and discovered that he was leaning back unusually far and was about to flip backwards…crooked backwards. He had broken the clip part where the top and bottoms join together!!!

This was thick plastic. I was astonished!

Then I was saddened. This is the chair I always put him in now to feed him. 😦 I guess now it’s time to start using his high-chair again. He also bounces from it, to his roller chair, and to his rainforest bouncer. Now it’s out f the picture. That’s OK. It happens. At least we now have a rug in his room that he loves playing on.


Tag! You’re it!

Whenever Aidan is playing with a toy, he always puts it through the 4 S-Test: Shake, Scratch, Smack and Slobber. He’s so funny and predictable.

What’s even funnier and cute is whenever he’s briskly playing with a toy and suddenly the tag becomes visible, the whole world slows down and playtime pauses. He stares the tag down, inspecting it closely. He slowly moves his hand towards it and carelly grabs it between his fingers like it’s something very delicate. He looks very thoughtfully at it, then returns to his wild playing.

He’s saying bye-bye and dadadadada now then he’ll get quiet and just smack his lips together. It’s the cutest thing ever.