1st day of Kindergarten!!!

Wow, has it been a very long time since I updated. This summer we moved from Tennessee to Florida and our son started kindergarten today. Such a big boy now!!


It has definitely been a while…

A lot has happened since our update.

Back in April of this year we had a tornado hit our house and we’ve moved 3 times since. I quit my job at the Village at the end of June and have picked back up with photography.

For Aidan, life has been stressful as well, but he has done rather well. He has been going to bed for a few weeks now wearing underwear and has had only one accident and that was when he woke up in the morning.

Before that he had been wearing pull-ups and had only tinkled in them once or twice this whole year.

He started school Friday, August 12th. At first he had a hard time keeping his hands to himself, but ever since I talked to him about it, he has done well.

Today a little girl came up and kissed him. Apparently he was a little confused about it. How funny! I’m sure he will get a kick out of this when he reads it one day.

His teachers are Ms. Lyndee and Ms. Amanda and he likes them. This morning was his first morning where he did not want to let go of me. When I picked him up, he told me, “I missed you,” in the most pitiful voice…even his teacher was touched by it.

We are still on track to move to Florida in 9 months after the kids graduate. And Aidan can start kindergarten down there. He is excited about it because he loves the beach and the ocean.

We are hopeful that everything will work out for us the way it’s supposed to. As long as we have each other, that is what really matters.