Rest easy.

About 2 weeks ago I bought Aidan a new toddler bed. I was tired of using his 4-in-1 crib because it was high off the ground (higher than I’d like). I was walking through Walmart doing my regular shopping and was in the baby section. They are currently renovating my Walmart and so the beds were next to the toys.

I saw a new toddler bed that I HAD to have. It was wood and a dark stain. It looked great in the picture and I could see it in his room and something that is very flexible with different colors as he grows older. I imagine he can use it until he’s at least 5 or 6.

I don’t have a picture, but I will soon.

At this same time we decided to start changing his daily routine. It was a pretty big overhaul. Normally he would wake up around 9:30am then nap about 3 hours during the day, usually from 2-5pm. This put him in bed late every night, but he wouldn’t go to sleep any earlier than 1:30pm usually.

So because he always seemed wired and playful around naptime, I decided to see if he would just stay up the rest of the day and incorporate an earlier bedtime into his routine. Stacie says her daughter rarely takes naps, so I figured it was worth the try. I thought that if he slept from 9pm until 9am that would be fabulous!!

So far so good! He has been crashing around 9pm every night and waking up between 8 and 9am. This gives Mike and I time with each other from 9 until our bedtime. It is SO nice! The only thing that sucks is not having free time during the day and it can be more exhausting not having that break from him, but I’ve actually found that around 4pm he starts bogging down and chilling on his own so he isn’t a wild beast  to tame.

It’s working out very well.


Hooray for sleep!

And just last week I was whining about not getting any sleep.

Last night I put Aidan to bed around 7:30pm. Normally he takes his last nap around this time. I hadn’t given him his dinner nor his bath. It was going on 9:30pm and I was wondering if I should wake him up. I was afraid he’d wake up starving at 1am or something.

Well, I decided it was best that I go to sleep so that if he does wake up like that, I’ll be rested enough.

I woke up this morning when my husband’s alarm went off around 6am. Aidan was still asleep!!! He slept for about 11 hours!!!! It would have been longer had my husband not woke him up trying to cover him back up. I won’t complain, though!!

Sleep….what’s that?

I knew that having a baby would alter my sleep pattern. In fact, it has deprived me of sleep sometimes. I accept that.

Last night I ventured over to to fill in Aidan’s growth chart. I also read up on his developments.

According to their site, he is “probably getting around 12 hours of sleep a night.”

Um, don’t think so. Right now he is back to going to bed later and getting up once, usually around 3am or so, and then sleeping until about 7am. Roughly, he’s sleeping for 4 hours at a time.

Man, I was upset after reading that. I wish he would start sleeping longer…again. I got the priviledge for about a month.

He hasn’t been eating his bowl of rice before bed, but we resumed with that tonight. Perhaps tonight will be a better night!!! We’ll see!

Itchy, itchy. Scratchy, scratchy.

For some reason, Aidan likes to scratch his thigh when I’m changing his diaper. He digs his nails in to the point that he has red lines and it’s all irritated.

He was so cute today, he fell asleep in his bouncy chair because I put him back in it when he wouldn’t go to sleep in my arms. I got pictures and I’ll post them later. He’s either dreaming in his sleep or he’s waking up.



Aidan has been doing the old man with no teeth lip-pop thing that all babies do. We’ve also been trying to get him to wave at people. This is all over the past week. He has become more vocal again and has all kinds of the cutest squeals and noises. I love it!!!

Today, Mike came back home this morning because he forgot to pack his lunch. As he was leaving he was waving to Aidan and saying bye. Aidan clearly waved in return and said bye-bye. This was without coercion!!! It was the cutest thing.

So now it’s his favorite thing to do since he saw how tickled we got over it this morning. He’s been waving at me and saying bye-bye-bye, then returns to the lip popping thing.

I can’t wait for the next accomplishment!

He has continued sleeping through the night as well. Last night he slept from 10:30pm until a little after 8am.

Hush little baby don’t say a word…

More sleep troubles.

For the past few nights Aidan has gone to sleep around 9pm and woke around 11:30-12am screaming/crying. I now know – well, am sure – that that’s from his two little teeth coming in!

He just isn’t sleeping through the night. He just turned 7 months 3 days ago and still has the same sleep pattern he’s had for several months. He’s pulled a few all-nighters, but not become regular at it. Isn’t it time??

I just wonder if I’m feeding him enough. Here’s his regular day as far as consumption goes:

  • He eats a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, then will drink a little formula before going to sleep for a nap.
  • For lunch, he has 2 jars of food: one fruit and one vegetables. He’ll have a little formula before napping.
  • For dinner he eats a bowl of brown rice and a little formula before napping.
  • His last meal is a bottle of formula with rice in it.

Since I came to the conclusion that he needs a little more food, I started giving him a jar of breakfast food (BeechNut Good Morning brand) with his oatmeal, giving him a little less oatmeal. I also added a jar of fruit when he eats his bowl of rice for dinner, giving him a little less rice.

Does this sound like too much, not enough, just right?? Input please!!!

big boy!

Aidan has slept in his crib, in his room since day one.

It wasn’t until recently that I would get up for him at night and just bring him to bed with me. We’d do this at about 5:30am until he woke at about 8am.

I figured that he was probably getting used to that, so I put a stop to it. This whole week, I have tried to avoid doing this, even if it means forcing myself to stay awake until he goes back to sleep. (I did it before!!!) I’ve only broken my promise once and that was this morning.

He doesn’t seem to mind the difference. Also, whenever he’d nap through the day, I’d put him in our bed. I haven’t done that not once this whole week.

I don’t want him to get to the point of relying on cuddling with me to make it all through the night. He has actually slept quite well this whole week; only waking once or twice before 6 am.

I’ve also been trying to make his night time routine more relaxing by bathing him every night in the Sleep type bath wash (Johnson’s Nighttime or whatever). I dress him in sleep-n-plays so he’s guaranteed to be warm, even if he comes out of the covers.

His naps have improved, too! Some days he’ll have two 2-3 hour naps!!! If I had more time to give him lotion massages, I would, but after 6pm is daddy’s playtime with him.