Half a decade and some months since the last update.

Nope, it hasn’t been over 5 years since my last update.

Aidan turned 5 last month! We celebrated his last birthday in Tennessee at Chuck E Cheese’s with Aidan’s Pappaw Ben, Granma Janet and Mammaw. We had fun as usual and we ate lots of yummy cheese pizza. It was SUPER busy there as it was a Friday, so I felt uncomfortable and didn’t play as much.

We also celebrated his birthday with his friends at school. I figured we’d celebrate with cake there so that I wouldn’t have any to take home. 😉 Like I need cake lying around my house….pfft. Here is a photo of all of his classmates singing happy birthday to him. ❤

Aidan is 42″ tall and 41.5 lbs. I know this because he is sick again and we had to go to the doctor last Monday. He has been sick 5 times since September, having ear infections and some kind of respiratory and sinus crud. Poor fellow just can’t get a break. His doctor will be checking him on Monday to see if the antibiotics are getting rid of the infection or if it’s just getting better then coming back. I guess that will determine if he needs tubes or not.

Also, I discovered several weeks ago that Aidan has a leak down there (from his previous surgeries). When he would pee, a drop would come out of where his other hole was. We visited his urologist in Knoxville and scheduled a surgery. I even showed him the videos I had recorded of it (which they wanted for educational purposes).

Last week, I was watching him pee and noticed there was no drip. So I made sure to watch over the next few days when he would let me and there was no more dripping. I called his doctor to see if it was possible to heal on it’s own. He said that there is a 5% chance, but after seeing the videos, he says he is sure that that would be highly unlikely for Aidan.

I am stuck in a pickle because I want to get that over with before he gets any older- and especially before we move – but at the same time, if he has to have tubes, I don’t want him having multiple surgeries so close together, nor will I think they would allow that. His surgery is rescheduled for the 23rd and I am still keeping a watch on his urination and so far he has no leakage. Hopefully on Monday his doctor will give us good news about his ear infection so that I have one less thing to worry about.


Surgery progress

It has been 3 weeks since Aidan’s hypospadias fistula repair and you wouldn’t even know he ever had surgery by the way he behaves.

Within a few days he was playing outside in the dirt (just for limited amounts of time) and walking arouund like nothing happened.

When he’d pee, it was more of an uncomfortable cry than a bloody murder scream like last time. It looks great and I think it will actually stay together this time! He looks normal!

We have his follow-up appointment in 2 weeks, so we’ll see what the doctor says!

Aidan’s Surgery (repost)

We got back home a short while ago from Aidan’s surgery in Knoxville. It went very well and I am pleased with how it looks now.

We spent the night at my mother’s house and got up at 6am so we could be at the hospital by 6:30. We arrived and things went quicker than they did last time. We had him up in his room in about 10 minutes. we waited around up there for about an hour. They gave him his happy juice and I took some pictures – and a video. He was giggling and behving in a drunken manner and it was all too cute.

We wheeled him upstairs before his surgery and waited for about 45 minutes or so until his doctor came and spoke with us. He told us how it went and what kind of care to do afterwards. We felt confident after this.

We had to wait for him to keep down some apple juice before leaving. Mike and I switched out on holding him. He woke once and was very fussy and his nurse gave him his medicine. He was fine within minutes. He finally woke up and was in a relatively good mood considering and he drank his juice. We left shortly afterwards and headed home.

By the time we got home, it was a little past time for his medicine, but we had to get his prescription filled first. She said it would be about 45 minutes. Oh no!

About 15-20 minutes later, Aidan was fussing and screaming in the middle of Walmart and people were approaching us and asking if he was OK. Most thought he was just tired. I think he just didn’t want to be around a bunch of people in a brightly lit facility. We went back to the pharmacy and asked if she could put a rush on his medicine and she got it right then. I was SOOO thankful! We gave him his medicine before leaving.

10 minutes or so after we got home, he was out again. He has now been out for about 1.5 hours.

While at walmart, I changed his diaper and saw the stitches for the first time. Aside from the swelling and bruising, it looks awesome and put together well. The doctor thinks this will be it.

I sure hope so.

Besides this eventful day, my mother had a surprise for us. She had bought me the dried grass vase from the Jennifer Farrell collection at Big Lots!!!! And it looks great with my tropical leaves in it! I’ll post pics, of course. She also gave me a book on coastal living and a jacket, all for my early b-day gift. She got Mike a card and was going to get him a magazine for his b-day, but they didn’t have the one he spyed at her house. Aidan was spoiled with some new clothes, too!!

Thanks Ganny! ❤

Dreaded Thursday…

I am really not looking forward to my son’s surgery on Thursday. I’m already starting to feel panicky and nervous.

I have taken 2 weeks from work off starting to day and I don’t go back until the 21st. Hubs and I are spending time alone together tomorrow and having a date before it gets rough.

Rough. pffft. I’m used to rough.

Anyways. He is having his second surgery for his hypospadias repair and I’m hoping it to be the last one. The last time the stitched skin over the hole on the bottom didn’t stay, therefore the hole remains and he continues to pee out of it. The good thing is that his urethra is strong from there to the tip, so the surgery will be less invasive.

Which means less painful. *shew*

the thought of my baby looking like he’s dead before being sliced open in his most private areas really disturbs me. I get really frantic feeling, wondering what I could have done differently so he won’t have to endure this, but there is nothing I did wrong.

I just like to take the blame.

I want to take the pain, too.

I want things to be as smooth and comfortable for him as possible. He will be spoiled for the next few days and thereafter. He will be smothered in kisses and cradled like a baby (even though he’s still a baby to me at 18 months).

I know it will be trying for the next week or so, but I am there for him. And I am going to do the best I can do and take as many precautions as I can to ensure that he heals the best that he can.

He will probably be nakey a lot. He’ll probably pee and poop all over the place. That’s OK.

I’d rather go through that than have yet ANOTHER big ass bill piled on top of me. I’m already in debt over my eyeballs. One of the insurance/UR ladies at work gave me some suggestions and a business card to help me out in my situation with his last surgery bill and what I can do for this one.

I’ll keep you updated as it goes.

We are going up Wednesday and staying at my mom’s overnight then heading to the hospital Thursday. Keep him in your thoughts.