I called the doctor and this is what he said…

I’ve decided that I need to give medicine a try. A friend at work made a recommendation for my anxiety and edginess lately, so I called my doctor to see if he would be able/willing to help me out.

I informed him that I have no insurance, but that I really need help because I have an infant and work with kids.

I believe that my birth control has a lot to do with it. Mike says I’ve been this way since he’s known me…okay, if so, I need to fix it. I’ve tried meditation and exercise, breathing…all those techniques and they don’t work for me. I feel weird because I’m always counseling teens on how to manage their behaviors and how to respond appropriately to their feelings, yet I can’t make it work for myself.

My BC is Mirena and I believe it comes packed with hormones. I haven’t felt normal since having it placed in my uterus. Thing is is that I can’t afford to have it removed nor can I afford to not have BC. It would cost about $460 to have it removed.

I called my doc and talked with one of the nurses. She said she’d talk to him and get back with me. (They’re very personal there. They treat you like family.)

She told me it’d be $75 for the visit and he wouldn’t charge to write a prescription. I can’t afford that.

Luckily we have EAP at work – an Employee Assistance Program – that I utilized once before when I hit that deer. Jennifer told me that it’s for ALL employees: part-time, full-time, PRN…whatever. So, I’m going to call and set up an appointment to see my therapist again.

I’m sure those of you at Fornits will love twisting my words around to make me sound looney, like I need to be commited at a hospital. This is frequent after childbirth and with body changes for us hormonal and emotional women.

Weight loss progress #2

Since last time I weighed myself, which I think was 2 weekends ago, I have lost 4 lbs!!!! (*Edit: It was actually 12 days ago). I now weigh 139 lbs.!

It’s very noticeable, too! My pants that I wore before I was pregnant are fitting better and some are actually getting somewhat baggy!! I can comfortable wear my favorite blue jeans now!! I don’t ever want to take them off. I love it.

and on this farm he had a big boy!!

Last night I made Baked Dijon Chicken, Italian pasta salad (rigatoni pasta) and cream corn. It was so delicious!!! The chicken was a little uncooked in the center, because it comes so thick in the package, that my cooking times are off. Regardless, it was a nice meal. We have lots of leftovers!! We still have ziti left over from Monday.

I’m so excited about my etsy shop!!! I’ve had lots of views in only a short amount of time; more than I anticipated. I really can not wait to make more paintings!! My plan is to finish all the canvases that I have at the moment, which is 5. I have so many ideas that are bursting in my brain!! I’ve had to write them all down so I don’t overwhelm myself and forget when it comes down to it.

Aidan has done really well in his developments!! He has surpassed all expectations: mine and verybestbaby.com’s!!! In the past 2 weeks he has said his first word (bye-bye) and two more additional ones: da-da and ma-ma. I think he’s also trying to say ke-ke, like kitty kitty. Accoring to the site, he should be doing this in the upcoming month!!

Everything that he is supposed to accomplish in his 9th month, he has already done…and mostly this week!! From verybestbaby.com:

This month, Baby may begin to:

Respond to simple requests (such as “Give Mommy the toy”).Use consonants, as she begins saying “Mama” or “Dada.”

Learn and say one other word besides “Mama” or “Dada.”

Pivot in a circle as her coordination continues to develop and her muscles strengthen.

Feed herself, although she may be a bit messy.Manipulate tiny objects like peas and pieces of cereal between her thumb and forefinger.

Drop toys on purpose to watch them fall and then look for them.

This is a sign that Baby is curious about how she can affect the objects around her.

Has developed the instinct to bounce to music.

Begin to point and poke with her index finger as a sign of her growing curiosity.

He has done all of these except feed himself (only because I’m hesitant to do so because of the mess, lol). He also started pulling himself up this past week. He responds to commands, like Mike will open his mouth and Aidan puts his finger in for Mike to gum. He also pauses and watches me as I sing Old McDonald. That’s the one song that will stop him in his tracks. He also picked a piece of plastic up (which I took) between his forefinger and thumb and was staring at it in deep thought!

I’m such a proud momma!!

I took Jess’ advice and tried out her recommendation of Parents Choice Real Cloth Wipes and have seen amazing results. I was using Huggies Cocoa & Shea Butter which are much rougher than the new ones. Even grabbing them in the pack, they feel like a brick in comparison to the PC wipes. Aidan has been easily irritated nearly every time I cleaned him and I thought I was just being too rough, but it was the wipes. His butt hasn’t been red at all for a week now!! Thanks Jess!!!!


Aidan has been doing the old man with no teeth lip-pop thing that all babies do. We’ve also been trying to get him to wave at people. This is all over the past week. He has become more vocal again and has all kinds of the cutest squeals and noises. I love it!!!

Today, Mike came back home this morning because he forgot to pack his lunch. As he was leaving he was waving to Aidan and saying bye. Aidan clearly waved in return and said bye-bye. This was without coercion!!! It was the cutest thing.

So now it’s his favorite thing to do since he saw how tickled we got over it this morning. He’s been waving at me and saying bye-bye-bye, then returns to the lip popping thing.

I can’t wait for the next accomplishment!

He has continued sleeping through the night as well. Last night he slept from 10:30pm until a little after 8am.

Long time no speak…

It has been a little while since I’ve written in here.

<>Since then, Aidan has made some more accomplishments! A couple of weeks ago I caught him leaning forward (as much as possible) in his bouncy chair as if trying to sit up. He does this often now: in his chair, in my arms, etc.

He’s also squealing and “blowing raspberries”.

I think he may already be teething as he chews on his fingers…several at a time and won’t keep them out of his mouth.

He’s doing well on practicing sitting up.

I know I have more to say, it’s just 11:30 pm. And I’m tired.