December of 2009

Well, a lot of changes have come our way….for the better. Life does not seem like a roller coaster ride anymore. I feel pretty leveled out and hope that it sticks. I don’t need anymore of what we’ve had for the past two years.

Aidan is getting big. I’m not sure how big he is, but I plan to find out tonight. He’s somewhere around 39″ (3′ 3″)and 32lbs.

He uses sentences, but not very often. He still likes to use the two word forms of communication: “Play dat.” I am worried that he might be falling behind as far as his language skills go, but I’m not too worried about it as he has always surprised all of a sudden. For instance, tomorrow he may start speaking in complete sentences for good. Who knows?? I’m not going to pressure him into doing anything. We still go through his ABCs and try to sing songs together, but he just kind of blurts out whatever…or just random words in the song. He loves The Ramones, BTW….especially “I Wanna Be Sedated.”

Potty training.

He still shows no interest in it, but he has been wanting to dress himself a lot more. He even puts his shoes on himself.

We let him have the XBox back last week to see how he would handle it. It’s almost like he didn’t miss a beat. He still knows how to maneuver the joysticks and how to navigate through the menu to get to where he needs. Hopefully we can find some decent toddler games for him. I will not let him become addicted to it, to the point that he wants to spend ever waking moment on it. It will be his fun time.

So, there’s your update. I’ll be back later with height and weight.


Teething….ahhh my aching everything!!

I am so tired. Aidan has been very need. He is getting heavier and my back can’t take it.

I think he is now around having 8 or more teeth coming in at once. He won’t let me look in, but I try to sneak a peek when I’m changing him or whenever he’s smiling at me and being silly.

I think he may just be getting the rest in all at once, which would mean there are 12 coming in. I don’t see 12, but it certainly looks like his whole gumline is red and white. I can defnitely see 8 coming in, though.

I hope to get it all over with at once. I don’t know how much longer I can take this whiney, needy, refuse-to-go-to-sleep behavior!!!

Next week I’ll talk about potty training! woohoo

Son, go be a man now.

My son isn’t even 18 months yet (until the 27th) and he can already put a key – the correct one – into the lock on our front door. He can also push the handle on the screen door to open it. He climbs up on our bed now. He climbs up onto the rungs of the dining table to get in my lap while I’m on the computer. He’s currently trying to climb up on the coffee table.

He still hasn’t broken anymore teeth through. Is that normal? For him to be his age and only have his 8 front teeth??

Whenever we walk through the house, he points his arm in the direction he wants you to take him, kind of like a metal detector, except he’s more of a take-me-where-I-can-get-into-things-I-shouldn’t-be-in detector.

He tries to unplug and replug outlets, but that’s where we catch him and smack his hands. LAst night he was reaching up onto the counter and right as he was about to touch the side of the (George Forman) grill, we did our “Ehh” noise and he stopped. I try to explain to him what “hot” is and that it will “hurt”, but he just doesn’t understand. I guess he’ll have to experience it himself for him to be able to know not to do that again. I don’t want this at all. I’d rather him not get burned and when he’s 3 or can comprehend the word hot, then he’ll know.

We got him some new bowls so he can hold onto them and them sit on his table (which is small). He’s been eating out of them regularly and he even started feeding himself last week. He loves applesauce and it stains the least so mama likes it, too!

He started eating a little more yesterday, actually eating about two meals. He has kept away the diaper rashes very well. He had a small one this week that went away in a few hours :O and has only had two this year (that I can remember).

He loves watching older cartoons like Tom and Jerry and that thrills me because that’s what I watched when I grew up. The Smurfs are on DVD, so I may ask for it for my birthday so he can have it (since we’re broke and may be losing our cable).

So that’s all I can remember for now.

Go and check out all of Aidan’s videos if you haven’t yet, including the one of him feeding himself applesauce.

Mountain Climber!

Aidan has learned to climb up onto the couch!! He started doing it this weekend and last night he tried climbing up on the back of the couch to be in the window sill.

He still hasn’t had any new teeth come in. I’m hoping that they come in within the next week. I think the reason he has been grabbing his ears and pushing against them with his fists is because he has an earache. Mike insists on keeping the little fan pointed on him, just a few feet from his head. I think that’s what’s going on, so I adjusted it so it just cirulates the air over his bead. Hopefully soon our ductwork will be installed. I think Mike may have to do it himself so we can actually enjoy it over the summer. (and have relief from this heat)

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

We’ve been working on labeling body parts and objects for Aidan. He learns very quickly; he can mimick you even minutes after you haven’t shown him what you want him to point to. He remembers nose, toes, hands, eyes, knee and belly very easily. He also knows when you tell him to go get his shoes, he gets his shoes.

My bebe also will go to the fridge, get his milk, close the fridge and come in to the living room to drink it before returning it to the fridge when he’s done!! He obviously knows milk and bottle.

To some people, this may not be amazing, but to me it’s wonderful. I love watching him learn new things and accomplish new tasks, getting so excited that he claps and squeals. I don’t compare my child’s developments to that of other kids his age. We just make sure to teach him something new everyday. Plus, what’s the point in trying to teach your kid to say words when they are nowhere near speaking?? I just like to conversate around him and repeat things to him, but not in hopes that he’ll be speaking in sentences by the time he’s 3 months old!

I have yet to convert his crib to his toddler bed because I am not ready for it. I don’t think he’ll be leaping out of it anytime soon anyways.

Next we are going to work on animals. Back to Old McDonald we go!!!

Since he loves to dance, I think I am going to buy him some Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs. He LOVES that show!!! It’s one of few that keeps him mesmerized. It’s also somewhat educational.

I love Noggin!!!! It’s a cartoon network for very young kids that are all educational programs. I usually try to keep it on there if the TV is on, but Spongebob has my heart. Sometimes he reigns!!!