Night time dryness

I’m getting lame on my post titles.

I just wanted to quickly post that, even though we are still using pull-ups on Aidan, he has made vast improvements. He has been dry for the past 3 days in a row when waking up. And the day before the first he was dry. He has had spells here and there.

Also, he actually sat on the toilet and attempted to squeeze one out.

Oh my god, we’re getting there!

***UPDATE: Day 4 of dry mornings!***


Week 1: Potty Forcing

So we survived week one of potty forcing.

Aidan did quite well and improved over time. By the end of the week, he was accruing 6-7 stickers a day! The only bad thing is that he never pooped in the toilet. And he still hasn’t.

This week his reward if he continues to go pee and poops in the potty we are taking him to the bouncy house and pizzaria. Yesterday he only peed in the toilet once and I was getting really upset, but was careful not to show it. I reminded him that he still needs to use the toilet, but he only did once. We still took him to Chuck E Cheese and just wrote it off as a slow day. I’m sure he is getting tired of getting up and going to the potty since he isn’t really used to it.

Anyways. Mike also bought him a bike with training wheels, but he has to poop before he can ride it outside. So he basically has 2 rewards for pooping. I think the bike was too soon.

Potty Forcing

I don’t really think of it as training as it is forcing my son to change his potty habits in a nice way. A push.

So, I do believe this is attempt #3 at this. This will be the final attempt. He will get it or he will wear diapers on his first date…..whatever he decides.

Aidan has actually done really well with it this go ’round. We are using the sticker chart and treats for everytime he goes successfully in his potty. He gets one sticker for peeing and two for pooping. At the end of the first week – as long as he has stickers for everyday – he gets to go to Chuck E Cheese!

So far, though, he has not pooped in the potty. The first time around he only went once in it and held it every other time. Well, Aidan isn’t holding it this time; he’s going in his underwear. Yesterday we went to Home Depot and he forgot to tell me he had to go pee, so he wound up peeing all in their floor and on himself. I spent about 15 minutes cleaning it up. My nerves were shot bc it was humiliating and I felt bad for Aidan bc he was covered. Once we got to the car, we had clean underwear and wipes. Then I took a chill pill.

Next week we are going to continue rewards, but will mostly focus on pooping. If he poops in the potty everyday, then we will go to this place kind of like Chuck E Cheese in town that has one of those large bouncy houses in it.

I will have an update next week.

Kiddo photog

Last week I decided to buy my son a Vtech Kiddizoom after I saw Sarcastic Mom post a tweet about her son having one. I remembered my nephew having something like it when he was younger. I am all about offering my child the resources to help fuel his artistic side (if he has one, which I am convinced he does).

He seems to love it so far as he took over 200 photos within 30 minutes of getting it. I have yet to hook it up to the computer and look at the quality of photos, but so far it looks pretty decent. Decent enough for a $40 camera used by a 3 year old.

And since I haven’t really talked much about it, I wanted to write it down so Aidan can read this later. He is obsessed with Matchbox cars and HotWheels. And we don’t mind since they are only .97cents. 🙂 That’s why he now has a LOT of them. I would guess around 70. My mother bought him about 30 or more for Christmas and we buy him one basically everytime we go to Walmart or Target….which is about twice a week. He will look at the car then turn the package so he can inspect the rear and the front end of the car. It’s the cutest thing! I’m not sure what he’s checking out, but it’s usually the dealbreaker.

Last night we got him a Delorean, which reminds me that we need to buy the Back to the Future Trilogy. I absolutely LOVE those movies and think Aidan would, too.

So that is where we are at.

Oh yeah, Aidan has been back at playing the X-box and he loves playing Halo, Flatout and Ty. It’s impressive how well he can maneuver around and use the controller and quickly at that! I know a lot of people may gasp at the idea of me letting my 3 year old child play video games – one like Halo, especially – but he loves it and he is learning hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We also have a V-tech system that is for learning, but after using the X-box graphics, he is not impressed. He is not aggressive as a result. If he does start to show signs, then it will stop. His only problem is he gets frustrated at the difficulty of some parts, but that’s usually because he has put it on a hard level.


All is well with is. What’s going on with you?

Birthday boy! He’s now 3, can you believe it?!

Last Wednesday was Aidan’s 3rd birthday. He is just growing so fast and time is zipping by us.

We went to Chuck E Cheese and had a great time. My mother joined us as well as my friend Rhiannon and her children Hannah and Brayden. Both of my step-kids were there as well.

Aidan got lots of nice presents and we are thankful for all of them. He received matchbox cars (his favorite), some clothes and some gardening tools. He was hesitant to play and ride the rides in the beginning. It only took him about 2 hours to warm up, then we had to pry him from the hamster tubes!

I was surprised that he actually sat down long enough to eat his pizza and eat some of his cake. I will post pics later as I still don’t have them edited at the moment.

Unfortunately after he went to bed he was suddenly sick with a runny nose and a hoarse, gargly cough. 😦

After the messy holidays…

We survuved another year of the dreaded winter holidays. 2010 is upon us and honestly can not wait to see what happens over the next year. I hope for prosperity and success in all our endeavors, no matter how challenging they may be. Surely it won’t be any worse than the past 2 years.

Aidan will be 3 in less than a month. He has grown so much in the past few months. And I don’t mean in height, I mean developmentally. He can communicate so much better now so any frustration over those barriers is now gone. He seems more relaxed and OK with being on his own (which will be good for when he starts pre-school).

I haven’t looked into pre-school, but I am ready to. I will probably start figuring things out in the next month. For now I am focusing on balancing my work and my responsibilities as a mother and wife. Instead of being so focused on the details, I’m trying to step back and look at the bigger picture. It helps me to relax when I do this.

I want to pass this on to Aidan. He is already anxious: he likes to pick at scabs and other things he does. I don’t want him to feel like he lives in a chaotic and busy house. I want it to be comfortable and a relaxing environment to him.

That is my promise to him for this new year.

I love you Aidan!!