Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

We’ve been working on labeling body parts and objects for Aidan. He learns very quickly; he can mimick you even minutes after you haven’t shown him what you want him to point to. He remembers nose, toes, hands, eyes, knee and belly very easily. He also knows when you tell him to go get his shoes, he gets his shoes.

My bebe also will go to the fridge, get his milk, close the fridge and come in to the living room to drink it before returning it to the fridge when he’s done!! He obviously knows milk and bottle.

To some people, this may not be amazing, but to me it’s wonderful. I love watching him learn new things and accomplish new tasks, getting so excited that he claps and squeals. I don’t compare my child’s developments to that of other kids his age. We just make sure to teach him something new everyday. Plus, what’s the point in trying to teach your kid to say words when they are nowhere near speaking?? I just like to conversate around him and repeat things to him, but not in hopes that he’ll be speaking in sentences by the time he’s 3 months old!

I have yet to convert his crib to his toddler bed because I am not ready for it. I don’t think he’ll be leaping out of it anytime soon anyways.

Next we are going to work on animals. Back to Old McDonald we go!!!

Since he loves to dance, I think I am going to buy him some Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs. He LOVES that show!!! It’s one of few that keeps him mesmerized. It’s also somewhat educational.

I love Noggin!!!! It’s a cartoon network for very young kids that are all educational programs. I usually try to keep it on there if the TV is on, but Spongebob has my heart. Sometimes he reigns!!!

It’s been on my mind a lot.

For the past few months, I have been wanting another child. As my regular readers know, I’ve talked about going back and forth between wanting one and settling with just one.

I saw a little bitty baby tonight at Wal-Mart and the sight of it’s teensie-weensie feetsie’s made me melt into a pile of mushy mommy right in the middle of the aisle. I told Mike I wanted one again and he smiled. He told Aidan tonight that he misses him being that small when they were revisiting the bouncy chairs.

Right now, we are struggling financially. Although, I wouldn’t have to pay more than $150ish to have doctor visits and to give birth, but what happens when we can’t afford diapers for it? Or food? Or if it has healthcare needs?

That doesn’t really matter when I want it so bad…I know things will work out. It would be nice if child support for my step-daughter was back to where it was or close to it.

Yesterday Aidan caught his first fish!! We were at my in-laws for Memorial day and we had a great time. Aidan enjoyed himself and was very well-behaved.

On the homefront, he has turned into a monkey. He wants to climb on everything! When I’m on my computer, he climbs up both rungs to get to me…without my help! This worries me, though, because this means new bumps and bruises and the possibility of even harder falls and pains.

This also means that we need to convert his crib from a crib into his toddler bed. *heavy sigh* On comes the worry in the middle of the night if he’s woken up and wandering around the house aimlessly, getting into who knows what and possibly getting hurt. I also worry that I won’t wake up when he does. We may just put up his gate in his doorway to at least keep him from walking through the house.

This all makes me nervous!

I have enough juice to quench the army’s thirst.

Well, not really, but you know…

I have 4 jugs of juice sitting next to my fridge and one new one in the fridge. I have 3 cartons of eggs and 2 big ass blocks of cheese!!! I love W.I.C.!!!

I’ve started helping Aidan out with the juice and we make breakfast with the eggs all the time. Whenever we need shredded cheese, we get the block out and shred away!! Aidan still has plenty.

Speaking of Aidan, he is still growing like a weed. I’m getting ready to measure his height and he’s about 24 lbs. now. His arms are looking more meaty and he’s tall and thin.

He’s so handsome and I don’t just say that because he’s my son. Some of his little facial expressions are so cute, like when he says, “Ohhh” or whenever he’s trying to whistle. Whenever he’s trying to be cute and flirt, he smiles real big and throws his head back.

He now loves clicking his tongue and is saying his Ls. Bocka has now improved to blocka.

This morning I let him try to feed himself with the spoon and after teaching him how to scoop and serve, he manage to scoop up a piece of  frosted mini-wheat and put it in his mouth (with a little guidance in between).

I’m such a proud mother!!

He loves running to our bed and jumping next to it, making a low pitch squeal. This means he wants to be thrown around on the bed. He loves it!! we’ll flip him over by his ankles and I’ll pick him up and drop him like a bomb.

You should see the smile on his face…

What’d you say, son?

My favorite new thing to do is just listen to Aidan as he babbles and sounds out words to the best of his ability. He can now say many words including SpongeBob which actually sounds like BuhBob, bobble (bottle), bobble (bubbles), fth (fish) and many others. He’s repeating after us all the time. I’m just waiting for the day that he repeats something I don’t want him to say and he’s not going to stop saying it. Sthit.

He LOVES going outside and enjoys the beautiful weather. Whenever we take him back in he pitches a big fit and screams. He loves getting a collection of sticks and he loves riding around in his little pull car. I can’t wait until the weather gets a little warmer and we can be outside longer.

Tonight I was going to buy some more drop-ins for his bottles, but instead I wised up and bought two more sippy cups. He is almost done with this jar of formula (which we’ve been giving out sporadically) and once he’s finished we’ll no longer give him formula. He’s 14 months now, so he’s good to go. I do want to visit his pediatrician and see what he thinks.

This is awesome because that means there’s $20 more to go towards groceries. I decided to splurge and buy him two flavors of cream cheese. Maybe I’ll start eating it again myself.

Speaking of groceries, inflation is getting on my last nerve, people.

Anyways. When I came back home from work, I could tell that Aidan was heavier. It’s time for another weigh-in. Mike thinks he has gotten taller. We’ll see!

Bum Genious cloth diapers

My blog friend SarcasticMom was blogging about switching to cloth diapers. Her son is a little older than Aidan (15 months if I remember correctly) and he has had diaper rash after diaper rash just like Aidan. She’s switching because of that and because she’s on an Eco-friendly trip!! I have attempted to join in on this as much as possible. I started this week by cleaning up my yard and the ditch. There wasn’t much there, but you know. You have to start somewhere.

Back to ass.

Aidan has had numerous diaper rashes since he was born, his first starting at 4 months old. I think he has super-sensitive skin like me, so anything will irritate it. We’ve done many things to help with this and most of them work briefly. A lot of his diaper rashes have had a yeast infection. We’ve talked to his doc about it, we’ve bought everything under the sun for diaper rashes and chafed skin. We’ve let him run without a diaper. We’ve avoided certain foods that seem to cause it. We’ve avoided diapers that didn’t help. Everything.

As I was reading about her journey reading up on the Bum Genious cloth diapers, I was getting more and more interested in buying them for Aidan and being done with it.

The only thing is is that my figures are a lot different than hers. I calculated that we spend approximately $221 a year on diapers for Aidan. The cloth diapers are roughly $18 each. If we switch, we’ll need at least 6-8 to keep our sanity, but we’ll still be washing diapers all the time – probably once a day at least, if not more. That’s $108 for 6 diapers, plus add in the inserts for protection against overnight leaks.

I’m thinking about giving it a try at least. The awesome thing about this is that if we have another baby, we can use them on that baby. The diapers are one size fits 7-35lbs. That’s practically the baby’s entire diaper life.


Any donations? 🙂

W.I.C and doodoo.


Well, we have some relief now. I had an appointment this morning – bright and early: 7:45am – at the Health Department for W.I.C. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s assistance for those with low incomes to be able to nourish their children. You can get on it even while you are pregnant and up until the child is 5 years old. Such a very nice program. We are now qualified as low income considering mine is the only one and it’s below the $31,000 max.

I was suprised at how easy it was…and how easy it can be to take advantage of. She didn’t ask about why mine was the only income, just if it was. OK. I got my vouchers for the next 3 months. What was nice was that they went ahead and gave me one for February, even though the end of the month is 3 days away.

I was able to buy 2 gallons of milk, a 16 oz block of cheese, 12 eggs, 2 bottles of juice and a big box of cereal. It was $22 worth of stuff!! As the lady at Wal-Mart was ringing my stuff up, I started getting teary-eyed. I’ve never had to ask for help like this. I’m not ashamed, I’m just really thankful that there’s such a program that I could use when I need it.  Hopefully things will improve for Mike and I financially over the next few months and we won’t need it, but it’s great to know that I have other avenues.  I never wanted to hurt for money once I had a family, but things have come as surprises for us lately. We deal with them the best way we know how.

I came home from work yesterday (rather late) and discovered that my husband has taught our son where to point for poopoo. He doesn’t do it correctly, but he responds nonetheless when my hubby is repeating himself: “Poopoo. Poopoo” and pointing at his butt. Aidan points at his side.

See, we’ve been teaching him word association and labels. He knows what a nose is, lips, a belly and some other things. We’ve tried to teach him what colors are. Now Mike is teaching him bodily functions!! Lovely!

Aidan knows what a kiss is and does so on command, as well as head butt, rub noses, give 5 and hug. There are many other things he has learned that just amazes me. He knows his food and reacts accordingly. He comes running when we have bananas and cheese. He loves his juice, too!

Everyday is a joy now.

Sleepless in Cleveland.

No more!! Since last week…exactly a week ago tonight, Aidan has been sleeping through the night!! He has been going to bed around 10:30pm and doesn’t wake up until about 8:30am. Let me tell you how nice it has been to get more continuous rest. I have felt better emotionally and physically.

It’s especially appreciated during all of these changes that our little family is incurring. Aidan now has equal time with his mommy and daddy. We both get 3 1/2 days a week with him.  It doesn’t seem like Iget so much less tme with him as I thought. Besides, a longer break is nice. I think I’ve needed it. I know in a few more weeks when I’m feeling well rested that I’ll be wanting all of my time back with him. I can’t wait until I can be a stay-at-home mom.

Mike and I have been talking about when to have our next child. He wants to have one now…or very soon if we do. I need a little more time to sit on it and think. My baby clock has been ticking a lot lately and I would love to have another so Aidan can have a playmate. That, and because babies are just so sweet!

Mike is worried about his kids feeling like he’s abandoned them. I think they’re to the point that they already feel like this in a way just because they’re so much older and they’re in that “all about me teenage mode.” We hardly ever see Alex anymore and Dameion has been changing his day to Sunday because he spends a lot of time with friends. He didn’t even call or come over this past weekend. I’m sure Mike is hurt by this to a degree, but if the kids want to be more social, I think it’s good and he does, too. They are almost grown. I don’t want to not have kids, though, because their feelings might be hurt. I know one day they’ll understand.

We are an awkward family, but a loving family nonetheless.